View Poll Results: Who will the Rams take at No. 2?

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  • Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

    4 3.31%
  • Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest

    5 4.13%
  • Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia

    53 43.80%
  • Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

    59 48.76%
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Thread: 2009 Reader Mock - St. Louis Rams (No. 2) Voting

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    Where do you think?

    Monroe is more pro-ready, but the Rams aren't anywhere near a playoff team. You have to look at the long term, and Jason Smith is a better player. While both have their faults, Monroe has pretty big problems run blocking, which is not what you want to see in a franchise left tackle.

  2. Voted for Jason Smith, he will be an elite LT

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    Eugene Monroe should be the pick here. Jason Smith just a few years ago was a back up TE. Can he really be worth the #2 pick at LT?
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    If I were they I'd take Smith or Monroe but I'm going to go on a hunch here and predict that defensive-minded Steve Spagnuolo falls in love with, and subsequently drafts, Aaron Curry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BKidd View Post
    Im not. All too often i find that mocker's get too involved with combine and pro day results, to a point that the best piece of material is overlooked. Game tape is the ultimate scoreboard, and prior to the combine, jason smith was laughable at number 2. The combine can weed out slow feet like Oher, but with Monroe thats not the case, even if he was wildly out-benched by smith. Monroe didn't damage his stock at the combine, and has the gametape to back it up. Rams take Monroe, and will be QUITE content.
    I never thought Monroe was elite.

  6. Monroe

    With Pace's recent release, it's even more clear now that it will be a tackle going to the Rams. Monroe will get the nod because he is a much safer pick than Smith. Monroe is the only tackle who has been considered a top 10 pick since the end of the season. The Rams arn't known to take combine stars either (chris long over vernon gholston last year). And a combine standout is just what Jason Smith is.

  7. With the release of Orlando Pace, the Rams will surely have to take their new LT with their second overall pick. This is a really tough pick between Monroe and Smith, but I suppose if the consensus is that Smith has the higher upside, then Smith should be the pick.

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    If I were drafting for the Rams, I'd take Monroe. Curry if Monroe is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcchiefs365 View Post
    Curry is a dark-horse, and the Rams have made some monumentally stupid decisions, but OT is just too obvious of a need.
    The only way I could see STL passing on Monroe is the aforementioned knee problems (which I don't think will be an issue) or they feel that John Greco can hold down the spot opposite Barron.

    Based off Jacob Bell not working out at OT and Barron's sketchy performance at LT during minicamp, I'd be shocked if the Rams didn't go with an OT who can step in immediately.

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    Jason Smith should be the pick. Monroe is more pro ready, but its not like the Rams can win now anyway. Go with the upside
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