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Thread: If your entry was deleted

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglesfan1982 View Post
    im just pissed off because i started a thread making fun of the people that didnt follow the rules, and i myself then didnt follow them
    good job

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    Apr 2009
    New Jersey

    Quote Originally Posted by 2 kewl 4 U View Post
    good job
    Do you need to post in every thread? Youre acting like me when I first joined
    Giants/Mets/Devils/Nets/Ohio State fan no matter what.

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    Feb 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan6017 View Post
    Do you need to post in every thread? Youre acting like me when I first joined
    Good quote.

    But really, someone should clean up this part of the forum.

    Hasn't been used since '09.

    This is 2012 people!

    The year the world's going to end.

    Of course, we're all going to die eventually.

    Pretty depressing stuff.


    "If your entry was deleted"

    I hope these posts don't get deleted.

    And bingo was his name.

    I need to pee.

    Ok. I peed.

    On the hour!

    Now 1 past.

    Time is subjective anyway.

    I just want to blossom. To reach my full potential.

    If this doesn't happen at 20, I'm stopping.

    You have been a great audience though, really.

    Big shout-out to all my fans. Wouldn't be here without you.

    It's show time.
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