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anyone care to dumb the mock-draft stuff down?

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  • anyone care to dumb the mock-draft stuff down?

    I guess the extent of my roto-sports knowledge begins and ends with fantasy football. I can't for the life of me figure out what you guys are doing with the mock draft stuff. Sounds like y'all are pretty busy projecting the draft; as you have time, I'd love to get a quick rundown on what exactly it's about.

    First time I saw it mentioned, I thought "cool, everyone's going to project out the first round or two, compare projections after it's all over, and the guy with the most correct picks gets bragging rights".

    Evidently that's not the way it works? I saw 49ersfan's post with his entire first round, so my first instinct was "why would this guy show his hand if everyone's guessing how the first round is going to play out?".

    Plus, you guys are talking about trades, specific needs ('need a WR'), etc. So I'm completely lost. I'd love to keep up with this from the sidelines (as I don't know jack about judging college talent or projecting NFL draft needs, etc.).

    This is like being down in Mexico, and being the only guy who doesn't speak or understand Spanish.


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    It's like you are a GM of a team.


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      that's funny. i'm really not a good teacher though, but here's some input.
      we're doing a forum mock, where each guy represents one team.

      i don't know where to go from there but it shoudl be a start anyway.


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        It's like fantasy football but with the NFL Draft and you choose a team.
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        Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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          gotcha... I think that the fact that you are focusing on projecting one NFL team's picks seems to make things a little clearer.

          Thanks fellas.


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            Don't worry, yo no hablo mucho espanol tambien (I don't speak much Spanish as well). As for my mock draft, it was made so I could share my views on players and teams. You could even post your own mock draft if you want.