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  • Discuss your own draft!

    Discuss and comment your own draft. What have you done well, what could you have done better? What did you intend to do with your remaining pics?

    1 - #1 - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
    2 - #32 - Keith Rivers, OLB, USC
    2 - #57 [From SD] - Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech.
    4 - #105 [From BUF] - John Greco, OT, Toledo
    4 - #123 [From IND] - Shannon Tevaga, OG, UCLA
    6 - #158
    7 - #190
    7 - #196 [From BUF]
    7 - #215 [From BUF]
    Trades made:
    -Trent Green to NYG for Amani Toomer
    -#64 to IND for Ben Utecht, #123
    -#96 to BUF for #105, #196, #215

    The trades: Trading for Toomer and Utecht solves one of Miamis many problems: Someone for the QB to throw the ball to.

    Considering the draft:

    #1 - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU. If we were to do it again I might go with Chris Long, but when this mock started Tuna hadn't started hiring the entire Cowboys coaching staff and no one was sure whether they'll play 4-3 or 3-4 next year. Now it looks like they will go 3-4 which probably makes Long a better pick.

    #32 - Keith Rivers, OLB, USC. Great value in being able to pick a top-15 prospect with pick 32. Having needs everywhere it was an easy pick.

    #57 - Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech. Finding e CB was a priority and finding Flowers at #57 made the pick a no-brainer.

    #105 - John Greco, OT, Toledo and #123 - Shannon Tevaga, OG, UCLA. Getting younger on the OL with Tevaga and Greco. Greco is a four year starter in Toledo and can play four of the five OL spots.

    Plan for the remaining pics:
    6 - #158
    7 - #190
    7 - #196 [From BUF]
    7 - #215 [From BUF]

    My plan for the remaining pics was to trade to of the seventh rounders to trade up into the late fifth/early sixth. Targeted players:

    David Silva (6th round) S, BC. Not the fastest or strongest player but a ball hawk and aven though he might take a couple of years to become a starter he will immediately contribute on special teams.

    Dennis Dixon (6th round), QB, Oregon. Taking a flyer on a QB in the late rounds. If his knee is getting good this is good value. If Dixon was gone I'd probably go for another QB.

    Mike Cox (7th), FB, Georgia Tech. An excellent blocking fullback from GT who will help Brown/Chatman in the running game. I have been really impressed by Cox in the games I've seen this year.
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    Good idea for a thread. Here is my draft

    R1: DeSean Jackson - In hindsight, I traded up way too high to get Jackson. However, my receivers were absolute trash, so I wanted to get him at any cost.

    R2: Lawrence Jackson - Bryant Young retired and Douglas is a free agent, so I picked the best DE left.

    R2: Chris Johnson - I know Johnson isn't the best inside runner, but he is speedy and can catch the ball. In addition, we all know what Martz can do with receiving running backs

    R4: Ahtyba Rubin - Aubreyo Franklin sucks and Iasic Sapouaga is a free agent. Rubin's stock has been rising, so I feel lucky that I got him in the 4th.

    R4: Robert Felton - He's really not a 4th round talent, but the better prospects were ZBS guys, and Felton's stock is rising.

    As for the rest of my picks, I would probably take another WR, a QB, a center, and at least one LB for depth. I will also take a free safety if one of the second-tier ones fell.


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      Round 1 - Mike Jenkins CB. The Lions desperately need corners and he was the best at this point. Fills an immediate need. He would start right away.

      Round 2 - Jerod Mayo ILB. Adding a powerful stud in the middle to compliment speedy but undersized Ernie Sims and Boss Bailey fills a huge gap. The possible loss of Shaun Rogers also influences here as he would provide run support needed more now than last year.

      Round 3 (1) Mario Manningham WR. A 'best athlete available" pick adds much needed athleticism. With a decent corps of WR's already in place, he's solid insurance to injury and/or free agency as could have been used last year.

      Round 3 (2) Ray Rice RB. An impact Tailback who can step in right away in case Kevin Jones does not return from knee surgery and/or they do not re-sign T.J. Duckett.

      With my only remaining pick in round 6, I plan to add depth to OT.


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        1st RD: Reggie Smith, FS/CB, Oklahoma- Steelers needed a safety and a corner and he plays both so I chose him in the first
        2nd RD: Anthony Collins, T, Kansas- He will definately fill any gap in the steelers o-line
        3rd RD: Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn- He will start off the bat, he is a physical steeltown corner
        4th RD: Wesley Woodyard, OLB, Kentucky- He will sit the bench a year behind LT but I plan to switch LT to an ILB.
        Remaining i planned to draft
        5th RD: Jacob Hester, FB, LSU
        6th RD: Jeremy Zuttah, T, Rutgers
        7th RD: Derek Kinder, WR, PITT
        UDFA: Nick Larkin, DT, Boston College
        UDFA: Kelin Johnson, FS, Georgia


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          I really feel like I made the best trade of this draft to move up and get Sedrick Ellis...and I did it without sacrificing my 2nd round pick and I kept my 4th round pick as well.

          In the 2nd round I added Carl Nicks, who was on my big board at #1 for quite a while...he is going to be my future left tackle dependent on if Petitgout stays healthy. If Gout doesn't then Nicks and Penn will battle for LT...Penn would probably win that with his experience so Nicks would be a reserve OL for his rookie season.

          In the 4th round I added Tashard Choice, which was an absolute steal. You can never have enough talent at runningback, and with Cadillac's future in doubt we have some insurance in Choice. Even if Cadillac comes back strong I love having 3 extremely capable backs. Injuries happen all the time at this position and when one goes down he must be replaced.

          Tampa is one of those teams with only one glaring need (center) and so we can emphasize value over need and worry about our needs more next offseason. Also in free agency I would plan on adding a WR, C, and maybe a CB.
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            Calais Campbell-DE-Traded Kelsay, I thought I had a done deal trad for Lawson but nope, If I would have know that I might have picked Rivers here.
            Andre Woodson-QB-Going after Rivers, picked 1 spot ahead, so went with best value.
            Tony Hills-LT-Hills is going to be my back-up LT
            Eric Young-OL-Young is going to be my back-up at LG and 2nd back-up at RG and RT


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              I wanted Eric Young, I wasn't very happy when you took him . As for ARZ, I'll comment on the first two picks, even though I didn't make them.

              J. Stewart - Ehh, I'm not a huge fan. RB is a need, but ARZ needs a cornerback and a defensive end more than a running back.

              J. King - Right position, wrong player. ARZ needed to go cornerback, but ther were way better corners out there.

              J. Jones - This ended up being my only pick for them. The Cards needed a hybrid for their 34, and Jones was the top one available.


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                Round 1 - Chris Long. No brainer I got my #1 on my big board. The question now becomes Hybrid DE/OLB or 3-4 DE. Hmm training camp can decide that one. Extremely pleased he fell to 6

                Round 1 - Quentin Groves. Yea yea I know this was an unpopular pick. I put myself in a spot I really didn't want to be in when I traded up from pick #36 in round 2 to pick 10 in round 1. The trade at the time gave me the value I was looking for when I traded Vilma and DRob so it made sense. I also thought I could trade back from 10 to get a late 1st and maybe a late 2nd. Well of course no one wanted to give up anything to move up to 10. Seriously the best offer I got was trade like 8-10 spots back and a 5th rounder! wtf. Anyway I couldn't find a trade partner and couldn't justify value at this spot. I considered Clady but didn't want to draft that high for a RT on my team, didn't make sense. I know Groves is raw and would have been there most likely in the 2nd round if I didn't trade, but pending the combine he should be moving up the boards. I could have taken Harvey at this spot but don't know much about him.

                Round 3 - Roy Schuening I thought he was the best OG on the board. Plays with a tenacity and doesn't take plays off. I would consider Albert if I was drafting again. Would be starting LG right away

                Round 4 - Heath Benedict. I was happy he was around for me. WOuld be competing to start at RT right away and if nothing else makes solid depth on our depleted line.

                Round 5 - Looking at a big boy at NT. Frank Morton maybe. Disappointed that Rubin was picked. I should have tried to package my 5th rounders to move up for him, but apathy's a *****

                Maybe another RB for depth, another WR or TE in rounds 6 and 7 for depth
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                  If you needed a NT in round 1 how come you didn't draft Pat Sims at #10?
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                  Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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                    because according to you he's not a great fit in a 3-4?
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                      Let's see what I can get:

                      Round 1 Pick 11- Strong Side Linebacker Dan Conner is a great linebacker prospect and the best Strong Side Prospect in the draft. I have Two guys on my team, one of which is 36 and has one year left in his career and the other is a backup period. Even if he only learns from Willie McGinnist this year McGinnist is only a 2 Down player and Conner is too much of an improvement to let slip.

                      Round 2 Pick 56: Defensive Tackle Red Bryant is a good run stuffer, athletic enough to run down Running Backs on the outside, has god endurance, is a good pass rusher, and smart enough to adjust to the game. Instant upgrade.

                      Round 3 Pick 75: Defensive End Kendall Langford is strong, big, smart, a good run stuffer and pass rusher. I believe if he had played for a bigger school he would have been a Middle First Rund Selection and I feel blessed to be able to get two players the quality of Bryant and Langford in the same draft to play on my new and improved defensive line.

                      Round 3 Pick 87: Wide Reciever Steve Johnson was a highly criticized pick. His numbers speak for themselves but what caught my eye was that he was a #2 reciever with good hands and huge stats. He is content with doing his job and letting others be the headliners and that is what I need (I have Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow for the ra ra). I feel I get a more athletic Joe J in this guy and he will be able to learn for a year and then help improve my offense from a Top 5 offense to hopefuly a Top 3 while quietly doing a tremendous job.

                      In all assessment I took care of 4 of 5 needs and did it with high quality, high character players. Langford and Johnson flew under the radar dispite their abilities and I decided to nab them while I could. Bryant is a Top 4 Defensive Tackle and Conner is the top Middle/Strong Side Linebacker in the draft.

                      I believe that my draft was a Top 5 draft due to the quality and the character of the players I chose.
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                        RD 1. Derrick Harvey. I don't like him and wanted Philip Merling but went with the sexy pick... Bleh

                        RD 2. Charles Godfrey. With springs probably gone Godfrey will be a big part of our D for a long time

                        RD 3. Albert. Our OG's are old so I needed another one.

                        One thing I didn't like was that our 4th and 5th rounders were taken prematurely. The Pete Kendal trade was dependant on the number of snaps he played turning that pick into a 4th rounder next year. The TJ Duckett trade was for a low 3rd rounder or the equivalent which we paid off with our 3rd last year. I really wish that you all would get the correct information before taking picks.


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                          Bears didn't have a draft, lol.
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                            Round 2.1 : Dominiqie Rodgers-Cromartie. Lets face everyone knew i would be taking a corner with my first pick, and i have been high on Cromartie for a lot longer than most people. I really started getting worried at the end of the first round when corners were dropping left and right, and tried to trade up. But no one bought it, and luckily my guy was still there. A big strong corner, with great speed and great hip control allowing him to transition from backpedal to a running position and accelerate.

                            Round 2.2 : Phillip Merling. This was a tough call for me. I thought about Fred Davis here or picking up another corner, but at the same time Charles Grant's lack of production last season really worried me. I made a trade for Tully Banta-Cain to play a back up defensive end as insurance, but Merling is a far superior insurance policy. Now if Grant fail to produce again, i can replace him. It would suck to sit that much money on the bench, but you do what you have t o in order to win.

                            Round 3 : Chad Henne. This may have shocked some people, but the Saints have no depth behind Brees. Brees has had shoulder issues in the past, and he was horrible the first half of the season accounting for more picks than TD's which made it a hard playoff push in what was a very win-able division for this team. Brees has 4 years remaining on his contract, and if i am lucky in 2 or 3 years Henne will be pushing for the starting job, and possibly making Brees expendable before the final year of his contract, or a less priorty to re-sign at the end of it.

                            No fourth round pick, but with the offseason trades i made bringing in Jonathan Vilma and DeWayne Robertson from New York along with Tully Banta-Cain and Brandon Moore to play OLB and adding some more competition at safety with the additions of Greg Wesley and Jim Leonhard (Leonhard also doubles as a KR allowing me to keep my fragile RB away from it). I think i have positioned this tema to make a play off push.


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                              I got a question Craig, how can you be "high" on a player you have never seen play before?
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                              Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.