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    the packers really stoked their depth at skill positions, as vbsiena pointed out. by adding the two really fast receivers avery and hubbard (one big), the two strong tight ends vernon davis and john carlson (one really fast), and the monster backfield component in owen schmitt, the packers tackled explosiveness, power, speed, and future on their offense and special teams.
    i thought about taking a lineman, but no zone guys really stood out to me as more special than hubbard, and also after NE's line, which had been impenetrable all year, got blasted by the same defense which the packers mostly held in check two weeks earlier, i felt incredibly comfortable with the progress of our young linemen.

    i thought about hitting a cb with my fifth round pick, or perhaps a lb like mike humpal, depending on the corner talent then. if blackmon, bush and williams make half the improvement from this year to next as they did from last year to this, there won't be any questions about not drafting a corner. especially when the top ones were already gone by the time i picked in rd 3.


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      stl. had a solid day rebuilding, and was primed to add much talent, including the touchdown machine colt brennan. bruce hocker was on the list, as well as jason shirley, jordan dizon, dustin keller, and kirk barton. this certainly would have helped things at the edward jones dome.

      long was a shoe-in, ellis can be a playmaker, bowman is big, goff is something of an animal to team with witherspoon, tribble was tremendous value and campbell brings both playmaking ability and tremendous character to the defense. he's like the brian leonard of defense.


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        New England Patriots

        Round 1, pick 20: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy
        I feel I did a good job of getting out of pick 7 with no obvious pick, while moving up in the 2nd and being able to add depth in the 3rd. I was going to pick McKelvin anyway, and thank God you got it right with the poll. He's a guy that can have lots of success in our system.

        Round 2, pick 52: Ezra Butler, OLB, Nevada
        I was really high on this guy, he's athletic, produces good numbers, and is versatile. He fits in as a smaller Adaliu Thomas, a guy who can play the run and rush the passer.

        Round 3, pick 69: Steve Slaton, RB, WVU
        Kevin Faulk isn't getting any younger, but he'll still have the time to teach Slaton the tricks of the trade, so that in 2 years, the Pats will have another explosive threat out of the backfield to further anhiliate defenses.

        Round 3, pick 79: Dwight Lowery, CB, San Jose State
        This guy has 13 or 14 picks in the past 2 years, so the numbers speak for themselves. A playmaker in the secondary at the nickel position will help get the ball to Brady even faster, and maybe even halt one of those infamous late-game drives...

        Round 3, pick 82: Thomas DeCoud, S, Cal
        I see lots of potential in a player that played FS in college, yet piled up over 100 tackles as a senior and that completely lit up some guys. He also has good size and is a beast on special teams, so he can help out right away, and down the road, he may start when Rodney leaves.

        Round 3, pick 95: Beau Bell, ILB, UNLV
        More depth in the linebacking corps is a luxury. Bell is great value here, beacause of his good athleticism and instincts. He dominated in a lower conference, and I think this can translate to the NFL. He also has a great love for the game which is a major plus.

        Round 4, pick 125: Chad Rinehart, OL, Northern Iowa.
        Another small school player, whom I think can provide great depth at 4 of the 5 OL positions (LT, LG, RG, RT). He has great intensity and fits into our O-lines mentality. What he's missing is coachable, and what he has is important.

        With my 5th, 6th, and 7th, I'd go after more depth on the O-line, A TE, and Peyton Hillis, cuz he's a beast.
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          Originally posted by vbsiena24 View Post

          Round 5 - Looking at a big boy at NT. Frank Morton maybe. Disappointed that Rubin was picked. I should have tried to package my 5th rounders to move up for him, but apathy's a *****
          LOL, sorry about that. I was so glad he was still on the board.


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            Since the draft was pre-Ikegwuono fiasco, it's safe to say I sure wouldn't take him anymore.. but other than that

            1. Mendenhall is a stud and would pair with Barber to make a nasty RB duo

            2. If you saw the Dallas/Giants game, or any other late season game, it's obvious Dallas has nothing behind TO. Glenn is near the end of his career, Crayton could be a solid #2, Austin, Stanbeck, Hurd, etc. haven't shown they can be counted on but they're still young. Caldwell is a burner who can play the slot or even be a #2.

            3. I don't like Kozier at LG, and he doesn't fit the big, mauling o-line Dallas has. Mike McGlynn is a road grader who can play well on the interior with Guruode and Leonard Davis. He can also play tackle, but I think big D is all set there for now.

            4. Eddie Royal was taken as BPA in the 4th, and I think it's a steal. He could really help the return game right away and add depth behind TO, Crayton and Caldwell.
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