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FOR FUN FORUM MOCK: Team Results Thread

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  • FOR FUN FORUM MOCK: Team Results Thread

    Here's an easy thread for all of us to let everyone know what our teams have done so far and during our draft.

    Here are my teams:
    1 (8) Matt Ryan QB Boston College
    3 (80 f/Phi)
    6 (167)
    7 (200)

    2 (39) Traded to Philadelphia (Lito Sheppard)
    3 (72) Traded to Buffalo (Willis McGahee)
    4 (103) Traded to Philadelphia
    5 (136) Selection Forfeited (Jared Gaither)

    1 (9) Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
    1 (18 f/Hou) Limas Sweed WR Texas
    2 (47) Erin Henderson LB Maryland

    1 (28 f/Dal) Traded to Houston
    2 (61 f/Dal) Traded to Houston
    3 (78) Traded to Dallas
    4 (109) Traded to Dallas

    5 (140) Traded to Houston (Anthony Weaver)
    6 (171) Traded to Dallas
    7 (202) Traded to St. Louis (Ryan Fitzpatrick)

    4 (119)
    5 (137 f/Chi)
    7 (216)

    1 (22) Traded to Dallas (Brady Quinn)
    2 (57) Traded to Green Bay (Corey Williams)
    3 (88) Traded to Detroit (Shaun Rogers)

    5 (150) Traded to Philly (Hank Fraley)
    6 (184) Traded to Chicago
    6 (185) Traded to Chicago

    2 (60) Roy Shuening OG Oregon State
    3 (94)
    4 (116 f/Den)
    4 (125)
    5 (151 f/Pit)

    1 (29) Traded to San Francisco (Tony Ugoh)
    5 (156) Traded to Denver
    6 (190) Traded to Denver
    7 (221) Traded to Denver
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    2008 Cincinnati Bengals GM
    2009 Baltimore Ravens GM
    1 (26) WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
    2 (57) DT Fili Moala, USC
    3 (77) CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland
    5 (152) OT Jason Watkins, Florida
    6 (188) RB Arian Foster, Tennessee
    6 (199) TE Richard Quinn, North Carolina
    7 (220) FB William Rentmeester, Wisconsin
    7 (226) WR Tommy Breaux, Towson
    7 (227) LB Dan Skuta, Grand Valley State
    7 (234) QB Mike Teel, Rutgers
    2009 Jacksonville Jaguars GM
    1 (8) Michael Oher OT Ole Miss - group pick
    2 (39) Percy Harvin WR Florida - group pick
    3 (72) Dorrell Scott DT Clemson
    4 (107) Trevor Canfield G Cincinnati
    5 (144) Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
    6 (180) Greg Toler CB Saint Paul's College
    7 (250) Jeremy Navarre DE Maryland
    7 (253) Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland

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    I have the entire AFC west


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      1-Chris Long-DE/OLB-Virginia

      New York Jets
      6-Vernon Gholston-DE/OLB-Ohio State
      67-(Traded Kris Jenkins)

      New England
      7-Leodis McKelvin-CB-Troy State

      11-(Traded WR-Anquan Bolden)
      41-(Traded TE-Jeremy Shockey)
      72-(Traded DT-Marcus Stroud)
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        NY Giants
        #28 Mike Jenkins(Traded From St. Louis)
        #30 Dan Connor(Traded From Green Bay)
        #31 (Traded to St. Louis)
        #41 (From Buffalo for Shockey, Traded to Green Bay)
        #95 (Traded to Green Bay)
        #126 (Traded to St. Louis)

        #22 Aqib Talib, Kansas
        #28 (Traded to Cincinnati)
        #61 (Traded to Cincinnati)
        #78 (From Cincinnati)
        #109 (From Cincinnati)
        #171 (From Cincinnati)

        #19 Malcolm Kelly
        #39 Gosder Cherilus(From Baltimore)
        #50 Fred Davis
        #80 (Traded to Baltimore)
        #103 (From Baltimore)

        #21 Phillip Merling, Clemson
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          2nd rd#33(from St.louis)
          2nd rd#61(from cincy)
          3rd rd#79
          4th rd#97(from St.Louis)
          4th rd#114
          5th rd#140
          5th rd#143(from cincy)
          7th rd#205

          1st rd#23-Brendan Albert, G, Virginia
          2nd rd#53
          3rd rd#88
          4th rd#119
          5th rd#148-traded for kelvin hayden
          6th rd#179-traded for antrell rolle

          1st rd#24-Early Doucet, WR, LSU
          2nd rd#54
          3rd rd#85
          4th rd#120
          5th rd#149
          6th rd#180
          7th rd#211

          1st rd#26-Josh Barrett, SS, Arizona State
          2nd rd#58
          3rd rd#71
          3rd rd#89
          4th rd#121
          5th rd#151
          7th rd#215
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            1-17 Minnesota
            Pick: QB Brian Brohm - Louisville

            2-47 (16) Minnesota
            Pick: DE Quentin Groves - Auburn

            3-73 (10) Minnesota (from Denver)

            3-82 (19) Minnesota

            4-123 (18) Minnesota

            5-155 (17) Minnesota

            6-186 (16) Minnesota

            6-197 (27) Minnesota (from Jacksonville)

            7-204 (2) Minnesota (from St. Louis)
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            WFB Comments on Vikings @ Steelers Game Rigging
            PuppyPuncher:"It sure was nice enough of Roger Goodell to let the refs from Ark-Florida officiate the Vikings-Steelers game"
            NoNonsenseCoach:"As a Steelers fan living in Pittsburgh I can still admit that tripping penalty was a complete ghost call."
            Simonds:"The tripping call was awful, yes, but there were a number of other absurd calls that went against the Vikings, including a DEFENSIVE delay of game penalty against the Vikings only called after a failed attempt to convert a third and 2 by the Steelers. Even the commentators were utterly floored that the refs made that call."
            Wraith36444:"A shady tripping call on Minnesota essentially gave the game to the Steelers. The Vikings were the better team, but it is too hard to beat a decent team and the refs. Oh and Harvin is the man."
            MaineMan:"I have to agree that it was an awful call and that it changed the outcome. Overall a great game by the Vikes and tragic that the well-deserved victory was stolen away like that."
            PaddyPatriot:"I've seen this play and I have to agree, I can't believe they called it tripping"
            Johndoe:"You know the officiating is bad when a Steeler's fan, like myself, thinks it was pretty bad."
            Steelers_Pens_Fan:"I will admit that the whole "tripping" thing probably shouldn't have been a flag."
            ZN0rseman:"It's great to know that good old fashioned pro football game rigging is still alive and well in America."
            Klunker18:"I'm with Z on this one. Definitely one of those games that makes you wonder if the NFL wants certain teams to win."
            TRICKaz"I agree that was a BS call"
            InjuredReserve:"Have yet to hear anyone say it was the right call. Seems as if the Vikings were cheated a bit."
            Eagles4Life:"Coaches just need to be able to challenge penalties"
            EL_Guapo:"The tripping call was bad, the delay of game was stupid Either way, the Vikings showed they are a top team."
            EllijayFalconsFan:"The tripping penalty was rediculous."
            Archon095:"Even as a Steeler fan I agree that the call was bull."
            BroncosCon:"I'm sorry that was a total bull**** call and it changed the outcome of the game. Pittsburgh still won, but it was almost like Denver winning at Cincy."

            Tony Dungy:"The Vikings are just one bad tripping penalty away from being undefeated.
            Jon Gruden:"That was just a bad, bad call. It cost the Vikings an important win at Pittsburgh, and it could really hurt them in the post season."


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              i've got chi-town, detroit, and GB.


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                Pick 29 -
                Pick 39 -
                Pick 70 -
                Pick 103 -
                Pick 133 -
                Pick 165 -
                Pick 196 -

                Pick 11 - DRC
                Pick 16 - James Hardy
                Pick 50 -
                Pick 141 -
                Pick 176 -