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FFM: Picks Only (STL OTC pick due by 11:01)

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  • FFM: Picks Only (STL OTC pick due by 11:01)

    Let's keep it clean in here with the picks and a short motivation and then let's discoss in another thread right?

    Commish: With the first pick of 2008 Formal Forum Mock Draft the Miami Dolphins select:

    <insert drumroll>

    Chris Long, DE, Virginia.

    Mayocks take: Although I am pretty shocked that they didn't pick Matt Ryan who I've been plugging like crazy as the number one overall pick in this years draft, it is hard to argue with this selection. The Dolphins get a player who will fit like a glove in the Parcells/Sparano 3-4 D, either as a DE or as an OLB. Although I feel a bit disgruntled about them not picking Ryan I like this pick a lot.
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    With the second pick of the 2008 nfl draft, the rams select OT Jake Long from Michigan.After seeing almost all of our offensive talent go down with injuries, this was the clear choice for me.

    Walters reaction: I love Vernon Gholston! You suck candyman.
    Walter got PWN3D
    Rams GM

    2. Jake Long, OT, Michigan
    33.Cliff Avril, DE, Purdue
    65.Tom Zbikowski, S, Notre Dame
    101.Tavares Gooden, LB, Miami
    137.Dennis Dixon, QB, Oregon
    168.Maurice Purify-WR-Nebraska
    180.Justin Forsett-RB-Cal


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      Atlanta Selects:

      NT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

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        Per PM:

        OAK selects

        Darren McFadden RB, Arkansas Forum Moderator

        Siena NFL ATS Record(TBD)
        Down LOSING Units Through Week 16


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          Kansas City's clock ran out the Moderators select:

          Sederick Ellis DT, USC
 Forum Moderator

          Siena NFL ATS Record(TBD)
          Down LOSING Units Through Week 16


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            At Pick #6 the New York Jets proudly select DE/OLB Vernon Gholston from Ohio St.

            So happy he fell here. Let's hope this happens on draft day. Gholston steps in to become an immediate contributer to the 3-4 rush OLB position. This Monster will likely rotate with Bryan Thomas during his initial season at OLB esp on passing downs until he feels comfortable enough dropping in coverage. A pairing of Gholston, Thomas, and recently acquired Calvin Pace will have QBs on their heels during the 2008 season. VG was #2 on my draft board before Chris Long.
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              Per PM:

              The NE Patriots select

              CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy
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              Down LOSING Units Through Week 16


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                The Baltimore Ravens select...

                Quarterback, Matt Ryan, Boston College.


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                  With the 9th pick, the Cincinnati Bengals select...
                  Keith Rivers LB USC

                  The Bengals were holding out hope that one of the top two DT's would be around for their pick. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Then it came down to DE Harvey or LB Rivers. With Rivers you get the best LB in the draft, they'll take that any day over the 3rd or 4th best DE.
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                  2008 Cincinnati Bengals GM
                  2009 Baltimore Ravens GM
                  1 (26) WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
                  2 (57) DT Fili Moala, USC
                  3 (77) CB Kevin Barnes, Maryland
                  5 (152) OT Jason Watkins, Florida
                  6 (188) RB Arian Foster, Tennessee
                  6 (199) TE Richard Quinn, North Carolina
                  7 (220) FB William Rentmeester, Wisconsin
                  7 (226) WR Tommy Breaux, Towson
                  7 (227) LB Dan Skuta, Grand Valley State
                  7 (234) QB Mike Teel, Rutgers
                  2009 Jacksonville Jaguars GM
                  1 (8) Michael Oher OT Ole Miss - group pick
                  2 (39) Percy Harvin WR Florida - group pick
                  3 (72) Dorrell Scott DT Clemson
                  4 (107) Trevor Canfield G Cincinnati
                  5 (144) Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
                  6 (180) Greg Toler CB Saint Paul's College
                  7 (250) Jeremy Navarre DE Maryland
                  7 (253) Dan Gronkowski TE Maryland


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                    NO clock ran out the Moderators select:

                    DRC CB Tennessee St
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                    Down LOSING Units Through Week 16


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                      With the 11 Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills select

                      Reason: Chris Kelsay and Ryan Denny both just came off down years filled with injures. Denney underwent a second surgery on his foot on December 20th and could miss most of the off-season. Denny is also is 30 years old so he doesn’t have much left in the tank. Kelsay had surgery on a torn tendon in his ankle after the season ended and isn’t expected to be 100&#37; of OTA’s. Harvey is a gifted athlete and a natural pass rusher which is a need when you run a Tampa 2. He has an explosive first step and can beat most blocker to the point of attack. Harvey is also very solid against the run. He plays nasty and would replace Anthony Hargrove’s fire and heart.


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                        WOW! Didn't expect you guys to get this far this fast.

                        With the 12th pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select:

                        Ryan Clady OT Boise State

                        Ryan Clady as a pick is pretty straightforward. Both "elite" DTs off the board, Rivers gone and no safety worth taking at number 12 (IMO). It was a pretty simple choice. The other go here for Denver is maybe WR, but they can get one later on in this draft and not have to reach here.

                        Some might argue that Shanahan doesn't like taking o-lineman this high up, and that's true, but Clady is good (not great) value here and is compatible with Denver's system. Plus it's definitely addressing a team need.
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                          Per PM Carolina selects:

                          Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

                          Originally posted by vbsiena24 View Post
                          Per PM Carolina selects:

                          Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
                          Carolina chose Williams because he works the best on an island as well as working well with his guards which is perfect for our zone blocking scheme. All the write ups I read about him were glowing. He's a team player, well liked, willing to teach others and a damn fine football player. We'll probably break him in at RT and gradually move him to LT and move Gross to RT.

                          Other considerations were Clady and Otah. Also entertained the thought of drafting Mendenhall but figured the game is won in the trenches.
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                            With the 14th pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bear... (shun the Carolina Panthers!) select:

                            Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois

                            We wanted to select Chris Williams OT out of Vandy. We thought he was the better T than Clady. Cedric Benson had a rough year, but we figured he should get another chance to run behind a better offensive line... however, Mendenhall fits our system perfectly and we just couldn't pass on him at this juncture.


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                              After much war room discussion behind closed doors, with a couple of gun shots heard (we're talking about Detroit here) The Detroit Lions select......

                              Philip Merling DE

                              The Giants proved in the Super Bowl the importance of an effective pass rush, and Merling was the best at this position available at this point. Losing Shaun Rogers depleted our already anemic ability to get sacks.

                              In case anybody is interested, I will post my thought process for this pick in the discussion thread.