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    When I was young, I wanted to have a house of my own, and it was best to bring a yard.
    So I can play and rest in the yard. Most importantly, I can transform it into my favorite look.
    I need a small piece of grass in my yard where my pet can play. I also want to arrange most of the space as a garden, planting my favorite green plants and flowers.
    In addition, I also want to plant some organic vegetables and experience the joy of being a vegetable farmer.
    Now, I own such a house. In order to build my ideal yard, I naturally need some helpers——garden tool

    For garden
    First, I need a pruner for cutting branches and a knife for weeding. Secondly, spray tools——spray cans are indispensable.
    In the end, all kinds of shovels used for turning soil and fertilizing are also important. Of course, it would be best if you had a kit for the garden.
    For Vegetable Field
    In order to grow vegetables more easily, in addition to the above garden hand tools, I also need a large shovel and rake.
    As a gardening enthusiast, I not only love my yard deeply, but also attach great importance to my garden tools. How to save them better, I have some tips here.
    1. PVC tool rack
    Just need some PVC pipes and templates, you can construct a tool rack on your wall to store large garden tools, such as shovel and large tooth rake
    2. Tool mailbox
    A tool rack with the same shape as a mailbox can be installed next to garden bushes and can store some small garden tools.
    3. Old golf cart with trolley
    If you have a lot of big tools, you can use such a trolley to load all the tools at once.
    4. Exclusive tool box
    For me, I use the most everyday are the small garden tools. I bought them in kits with a gift box of exclusive tools.
    Usually, after cleaning the used tools, I put them directly in the tool box, which is very convenient to store and carry.
    In addition to the question of how to store the tools, the maintenance of the tools is also very important. To keep your garden tools as clean as new, you can do this:
    1. Keep it clean. Used tools should be sorted out in time, dirt and debris should be removed, wiped dry, and kept dry to avoid rust.
    2. Protect the cutting edge. Part of the gardening tools with cutting edges should be specially protected. They should be completely immersed in oil during storage, and it is best to wrap them in wax paper.
    Avoid tilting and overlapping, prevent bending and deformation under pressure, special tools should be provided for the sharpening of the cutting edge to ensure the sharpening angle and prolong the service life.
    3.Keep it properly. At the end of the operation, when it is idle for a long time, it should be cleaned, wiped dry, coated with anti-rust oil on the metal surface, and placed in an appropriate place.
    It is best to store it in a storage rack designed for different gardening tools or in a dedicated tool box. It can also be placed in a ventilated and dry place.
    4.Pay attention to rust prevention. The working parts of gardening tools are mostly made of metal materials, and metal materials are easy to rust.
    Once rusted, it will affect the use at a slight level, and it may lose the value of use, and it is not easy to remove after rust, so special attention should be paid during use. Anti-rust treatment.
    You can decide how to store your garden tools according to the tools you have. If you haven't bought the tools for gardening, I highly recommend that you buy the gardening tool set directly. It has all the tools you may need, and it also solves the problem of tool storage for you.