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Solve Your Doubts about RV Locks

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  • Solve Your Doubts about RV Locks

    Like to travel around, but worried that the safety of your belongings cannot be guaranteed?
    Specially equipped with a door lock for the RV, but always accidentally lose the key?
    Most people who like to travel outdoors own an RV. However, theft during travel is often beyond our expectations. Therefore, it is the best choice to equip your RV with a reliable door lock.
    In this article, we will solve most of your confusion about RV locks. Help you choose the best lock for your RV.
    Are RV door locks universal?
    Many people will see a phenomenon when buying a motorhome: when you buy a car, the salesperson uses the same key to open almost all vehicles of the agreed type. This is to facilitate the sales staff to better show the RV to the customers, not to spend time on finding the keys.
    You may be wondering: So the RV we buy is the same key as others? The answer is yes. As such, the risk of your RV being stolen is high. So in order to prevent the theft of the RV, you need to change your RV door lock in time. This is also the choice of most people after buying an RV.
    Replacing a good RV lock can solve most of your security problems. The TTlifemall keyless RV door lock is made of high-quality materials and has passed the tensile test, which is strong and anti-collision. In addition, the TTlifemall high-security caravan door lock has three unlocking methods: password, remote control and key unlocking. It can even be unlocked remotely within a distance of 20 meters.
    How to change the RV door lock?
    First you remove the old door lock. It is not difficult to remove the door lock, you need to unscrew the screws that fix the outer contour first. Then remove the remaining nuts. After removing all the hardware in the RV door lock position, there will be a hole for installing a new lock.
    Install a new door lock. First put the side with the keyboard in front of the door. Then straigh
    he front panel. Align the four screw holes on the back panel with the front panel, tighten the screws to install the new door lock. If it is the first time to install the door lock, it is recommended that you do not tighten the screws first, and then tighten the four screws after the test door lock operates normally.
    The installation process of TTlifemall's keyless RV door lock only takes 10 minutes. After installation, you can easily set your own password.
    How to code the RV door lock?
    Generally, a user manual will be given when buying a RV lock, here is the general situation, to demonstrate to everyone
    1. While holding down the "8" button, press and release the "lock" button. At this time you will hear a long beeping sound.
    2. Enter the existing code (for example, the default code 1234) into the keyboard, and then press the lock key, and it is now in programming mode.
    3. Enter the pre-determined new code, and then press the lock key.
    4. Enter the new code again and press the lock key to confirm the code. At this time, the keyboard emits a continuous beep to indicate that the encoding is complete.
    In addition, TTlifemall best RV lock reset password is very simple. If you forget the password, please use a sharp tool to press and hold the password reset button (on the back of the lock) for 5-10 seconds. After hearing the sound, the factory password will be restored to 1234, and then you can reset it as you set a new password.
    How to mute the RV lock?
    Because of the initial setting of the RV door lock, when you lock and open the door lock, the RV door lock will emit a beep. Sometimes a buzzing alarm will sound when the RV lock is too low, and a lot of people will get bored if the frequency is higher.
    The sound of turning off the RV door lock is also very simple. You only need to hold down the 1 button for 3~5 seconds to solve this annoying problem.
    In the same way, if you want to turn on the alert tone again, just do the same operation.
    Hope the above shared content can be helpful to you. To buy a RV lock, you can go to TTlifemall to buy a high-quality smart keyless RV door lock.

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