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  • CallmetheBrees
    if their line gets their act together/draft a new guy or two in the coming years I can see the lions turning into an offensive juggernaut. much like the saints of the past few years, just put as many points up on the board as you can and pray its enough. but in all seriousness i really like what they are doing.
    i feel they should have stayed at #34 or traded down and got golden tate, use him as a rb (he played it in high school and is built like one) a la percy harvin until kevin smith returns from injuries, and when he does put tate back at wr. having megatron and tate would be a nice pairing but i can't argue with jahvid best because if he gets in a groove he is gone. i just hope he can stay healthy.

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  • mrroper
    Well, what's done is done. Mayhew still has my faith but he used a little up when decided to trade up to get Best, who I thought would probably still be there at 34, since Minnesota (Peterson), New Orleans (Bush, Thomas et. al) and St. Louis (Jackson) weren't in the market, and Indy would have been a stretch to take him. While Pick 98 isn't a guarantee of of anything the Lions still need bodies.
    Hopefully a better running game will translate to keeping the pass rushers honest and not being able to pin their ears back to come after Stafford. A lot of time I didn't think opponents really respected the run game so if Best can put the team in more manageable 2nd downs, lend credibility to our playaction game. That will go a long way towards keeping Stafford on his feet.
    I also think the draft tells us something decisions they've already made (pick 66 nonwithstanding)
    1. They feel okay about the O-Line (i.e. Gosder gets another chance).
    I would have felt way better about picking up a project or a depth guy at 96. Cherilus hasn't really shown any flashes of being a first round type guy. Maybe we luck out and he can maybe be a better run guy than he's been a pass guy. He aggressive and emotional out there so maybe that will translate into so run blocking instead of personal fouls.

    2. They either think that Bulluck is healed and coming over or that a combination of Dizon and Follett can get it done at LB.
    If Best wasn't slipping to 34, than the TCU LB Washington probably was. So if they let Sims go and didn't want to draft one, then they must think they have the answer in house or that Bulluck is coming into the fold. Either way cupboard is still a little bare in the LB dept.

    3. Chris Houston is being viewed as a #1 corner.
    Seems weird but they aren't getting a #1 at pick 66. Maybe they luck out and Ghee is still around, but if he isn't there is a real chance that we have just gotten ourselves a ringside seat to the Pacman Jones rehabilitation, because I can't think of any other options.

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  • barril
    I'm not a Lions fan per se but I'm rooting for them, especially after seeing Stafford mic'ed up against the browns. That was totally bada$$ and put him right up there with Brees and Brady as my favorite QB's!

    Looking at the schedule, I'm not very optimistic for more than 4 wins for the Lions tho, hope I'm wrong and they can get 6-7 wins, but I find it doubtful!

    GL for the draft everyone!

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  • StaffordNumber9
    How bout this Lions fans? Baltimore has become very confident of rookie Michael Oher, who the Lions screwed up by not taking at pick 20, for protecting Joe Flacco's blindside. If Michael Oher has the ability to protect his blindside, then there is no reason to continue to pay Jared Gaither, their other Left Tackle, top dollar. It would be financially irresponsible to pay two left tackles on the roster that kind of money without getting rid of one of them. That "one of them" will be Jared Gaither. Baltimore has a first round tender on him, but because no teams are taking the offer, they said they are willing to take a 2nd round pick for him. Washington, who has a big need at left tackle, were the favorites to take Jared, UNTIL the Donnovan McNabb trade, laveing washington with no 2nd round pick to trade. I see this as a big opportunity for the Lions. No one has a higher 2nd round draft pick than them except the Rams, who are in no need of a left tackle after taking Jason Smith last year. For pick 34, how could the Ravens refuse? Not only are we getting a proven NFL left tackle, but for only a second round pick, and that would fill a glaring hole in our offensive line. Imagine an offensive line with Rob Sims and Jared Gaither. Matthew Stafford would have one of the best blindside protectors and a great guard, two things missing last year, which would make his decision making better by giving him those extra seconds he needs. Everyone on the offensive would perform better, making this pickup a steal. This would leave the number 2 overall selection to be traded or used on Berry, Suh, or McCoy to increase the terrible Lions pass rush. How could it get any better than that?

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  • AliceAttack
    Honestly, I don't think the Lions need to take Okung. This is a really deep tackle class, much more so than the defensive tackle class. I'd put OT above DT on the list of needs, but you have to think about the level of depth. If you can get a player like Suh in the first, I think you pull the trigger. He won't protect Matt Stafford, but really, sacks are as much the QB getting the ball out as they are the O-Line.

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  • SergioST
    Everson Griffen 3rd or 4th round??????????

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  • wildey18
    Playing GM of the Lions Let me know what you think and how I did

    I love my lions and played lions GM for a day how did I do? Could you comment on this and let me know if this is even possible/likelihood of these senarios? Also after review and coming up with what you think is possible out of this list let me know what you would think of this team, and how it would far thanks Todd

    Players By round and Position

    saftey = delmas/ Taylor Mays (1-2) nate allen (2-3) Reshad Jones (2-3) myron rolle (4-5) Cody Grimm (6-7)

    CB Brandon Ghee (2-3) Brian Jackson (5-6) Crezdon Butler (6-7)

    RB Ben Tate, Auburn (3-4) LeGarrette Blount, Oregon (4-5)

    WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati (2-3) Jacoby Ford, Clemson (3-4) Taylor Price (3-4) Blair White (4-5) Antonio Brown (5-6)

    DT Ndamukong Suh (1) Gerald McCoy (1) Brian Price (1-2) Geno Atkins (2) Lamarr Houston (2) Cam Thomas (2-3) Linval Joseph (3-4) Jeff Owens (4-5)

    DE Jason Pierre-Paul (1) Derrick Morgan (1) Brandon Graham (2) Everson Griffen (3-4)

    OT Bruce Campbell(1) russell okung (1) jared Veldheer (2-3)

    G Mike Iupati(1-2) Vladimir Ducasse (2-3) Mitch Petrus (3-4)Brandon Carter (5-6)

    Free Agency do what it takes to get Vanden Bosh, Aaron Kampman and Antrel Rolle I would also be willing to give Maurice or smith and a round 5 pick for Cromartie I would also look at chester Taylor and Thomas Jones trying to sign atleast one of them at RB. At WR I would try to get Antonio Bryant and Kassim Osgood. At LB I would look at Keith Bulluck and then at saftey I would look to Ryan Clark Lastly I would try to get Dunta Robinson at CB.

    Draft I would try to Trade our #2 pick and get a 1, 2, and 4 for it.

    Round one pick I would take Suh if availible, then Pierre-Paul then Brian Price, campbell and Iupati
    Round two try to trade it for a 2 and a 3
    Round 2 I would pick in this order Brian Price, Iupati, Graham, Ducasse, Veldheer, allen, Mays, Jones
    Round 3 I would get Ghee, Allen, Gilyard, Tate(RB) Ford, Griffen, and Blount(RB), Thomas
    Round 4 I would go after Petrus, Griffen, Jacoby Ford, Myron Rolle
    Round 5 go for White, Jackson, Rolle, Owens, Brown, Carter
    Round 6 Carter, Jackson, Brown, Butler, Grimm

    So On Defense We could have a line of Vanden Bosch, Hill, Grady, Suh(if we don't trade), Kapman, Graham(no Trade), Pierce if we Trade Cam Thomas (if we traded down at pick #2)
    LB Simms, Levy, Peterson, Bulluk
    CB Cromartie, Robinson, Ghee
    Safety Delmas and Myron/Antrel Rolle

    On Offense
    QB Stafford
    RT Goderus
    LT Backus, Veldheer
    LG Petrus, Carter, Iupati (but I don't think we get him)
    RG Peterson, Petrus or Carter(just like his intensity lions need some attitude)
    RB Blount and Tate (make sure to get these two important what a one two combo both very stong and tate is FAST especially for 220) with Taylor or Jones for Leadership
    WR Johnson, Gilyardi, White, Atonio Brown(most likely Brown) Only one of these to be drafted
    TE Pettigrew and resign one of our other 2009 season TE
    K Hanson/Harris and maybe draft kicker from State in 7th round or FA

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  • PaddyPatriot

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  • Nasisorico
    Please God, allow the Lions to draft Okung. Please.
    I want to see Matt Stafford succeed in the NFL. Ever since last year, I've become sort of a Detroit Lions fan. I wish for them to succeed now. It actually hurts me when I see them lose, and I was positively elated when they won hat Browns game.
    Now then, the list of problems for the Lions is long, but Okung would be a great start

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  • darkstar67235
    Early Lions Draft

    I know we haven't even done the combine yet, but here is a very, very early draft prediction:

    What I want the Lions to do, Version 1.0

    1: Russel Okung, OT, Oklahoma State; Rationale: I would like Matt Stafford to survive to see his third season, and Jeff Sackus stinks, regardless of what Schwartz says.
    2: Jared Odrick, DT, Penn State
    3: Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
    4: John Jerry, OG, Ole Miss
    5: Alterruan Verner, CB, UCLA
    6: C.J. Wilson, DE, East Carolina
    7: Brandon Banks, WR/KR Kansas State

    What I think the Lions will do:

    1: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
    2: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho Rationale: Take away Sackus's (and Schwartz's) excuses.
    3: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
    4: Brandon Lang, DE, Troy State
    5: Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame
    6: Brandon Brinkley, CB, Houston
    7: Kyle Williams, WR/KR, Arizona State

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  • miamidolphin4life
    I've got Delmas on the sig now

    GO Delmas!

    Go Lions!

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  • BrewCityItalian
    The Lions need defensive Line and o Line help in the worst way

    hopefully we can get Suh in the first round
    Dunlap in round 2
    Corner in round 3

    we can find a sleeper wr in round 4, same with running back, even with kevin smith's injury,or hit free agency to fix that problem for a year.

    we need to fix the lines though badly

    if we can get some pressure with our d line for once, our corners wouldn't have to cover for 7-8 seconds

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  • LordOfPotato
    Lol 2-11

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  • miamidolphin4life
    I'm not a Lions fan, but Louis Delmas went to my high school and regularly vists during the off-season, so I root for him.

    Go Delmas!

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  • ohyougotit
    Lion's Fan

    There probably are, but they don't want to admit it!

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