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Rio: City Of Mafia - Game Thread

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  • Rio: City Of Mafia - Game Thread

    Night is a full bloom at the Favela, the drugdealers are out, the Hookers are on the job, and Violence continues its natural course. Vitor Machdo is sleeping quietly in his own bed.

    He is abruptly waken up by the door. Bam,it knocks once. It knocks twice, and on the third time, the invaders break in the house.

    “Peace has been going on for too long and you know it”- says the shadow
    “Do whatever you please, just don’t start it again, please” – Murmurs Vitor

    “Well, we just cant do that. Peace is just another thing that stops business”
    “ **** Yall” – Says Vitor while he grabs a gun from his headstand. The attacker quickly shoots him on the arm

    “I don’t think so, Vitor” – The attacker aims for the head, and hits vitor twice

    He was The White Flag, town aligned.

    Hearing the shots, His neighbor Cicero shows up.
    “ The ****? Who the **** are yall” – yells Cicero in rage

    “ Nice job, but why did you feed him intel” - says the shadow
    “ I aint feed him ****, and you know it”- Says Cicero
    “Around here, we don’t take snitches very nicely””
    “I wasn’t feeding him **** man, you niggas crazy”
    “You are either a snitch or a witness, you are dead either way”

    He picks the gun form Vitors hand and shoots him twice

    He was Cicero, The Infiltrated cop, Town Aligned

    It is now Day 1
    Game Rules:
    1. Unless it says otherwise in your Role PM, you may NOT talk about the game outside of the Game Thread.
    2. Voting during the Day Phase will end once we get to a majority decision.
    3. In order to vote for someone to get lynched during the day, you must bold their name.
    4. The night phase will last exactly 24 hours. That means if you have a Night Ability, you have 24 hours to send in your PMs unless otherwise noted.
    5. No editing your posts in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine.
    6. I reserve the right to mod kill for inactivity and forcefully end a lynch for inactivity.
    7. This isn't really a rule as much as a warning: Role claiming isn't against the rules, but some people's win condition may include having to specifically beat you, so check yourself before you wreck yourself scubasteve.
    8. NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple.
    9. Do not check the "Who's Online" list on this board at any time while you are playing the game.
    10. Do not post a screen shot of any PM related to the game.

    Player List:
    1- Ckane -The FBI Agent, Town Aligned[
    2- Hyper- The Matchmaker, unknown aligned
    3- Swag - The Skitzo Cop, BOPE Aligned
    4- Kaiser- The Sombrero, Town Aligned
    5- Vikingfan/Ellesmiere - The Corrupt Cop, Red Command Aligned
    6- Body Burner- The Paranoid Doctor, Town Aligned
    7- Carling
    8 -MD4L- Sandro Nascimento, Independent Aligned
    9- The Prodigy - The Cop, Town Aligned
    10 - Pheltz- Capitao Nascimento, B.O.P.E. Aligned
    11- IBMG- Bus Collector, Town Aligned
    12- ROFL- Mane Galinha, The Serial Killer, Town Aligned
    13- Sisfit- The Club Owner, Town Aligned
    14- Chg The Flying Pumpkin That Shoots Laser Beams out of Its Ass, [COLOR="rgb(153, 50, 204)"]Pumking Aligned[/COLOR]
    15- Xero - The Avenger, Town Aligned
    16- Wraith- Bené, Independent Aligned:
    17- Deaner. - The Garbage Man, Rocinha Aligned
    18- McNulty - The Paranoid Cop, Town Aligned
    19- Lukic- The Forensic Detective, Town Aligned
    20- RHSC The Gun Store Owner, Town Aligned
    21- Simonds
    22- SanchoPanza - The Lunar Eclipse, Town Aligned
    23- Tango The Prostitute, Red Command Aligned.
    24- Jlash
    25-Chicagojay- The Kidnapper, Rocinha Aligned
    26- Mdb17 The Day Killer, Red Command Aligned
    27-PaddyPatriot- Dope Dealer, Town Aligned.
    28-RoxOnlyFan Cenoura, Red Command Aligned.
    29- NorthernCharge
    30-InjuredReserve- Informant, Rocinha aligned.
    31- MPG - The Creep, Town Aligned


    Day 1: Prodigy killed in a Mexican Stand-Off
    Night 1: Tango, Mdb, Rox, Pheltz, Chg all meet their maker
    Day 2: Vikingfan lynched
    Night 2: Ckane and Swag are Killed.
    Day 3: Lukic lynched
    Night 3: MPG killed, RHSC kidnapped
    Day 4:Hyperborean lynched
    Night 4: RHSC escapes, Sitisfit killed
    Day 5: Xero Lynched, McNulty goes along
    Night 5: Deaner and Sancho get Off'ed
    Night 5.5: Everybody lives, Jlash almost dies
    Night 6: is killed
    Day 7: Rofl lynched
    Night 7:IBMG, IR, and Paddy killed
    Day 8: Wraith lynched
    Night 8: Simonds shot, no one dies
    Last edited by Cicero; 11-13-2011, 06:12 AM.
    "Aye I put her on game, boy I'm a team player
    Drinking dirty gatorade, that Jamarcus Russell
    20 pink tees in the duffel, I'm parched
    Dooney turn the keys like that nigga just parked
    4 thousand 4 hundred fifty on my arm
    Look like a nigga just hopped out the holocaust"


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    Last person to report in will get mt vote.

    Originally posted by blue5213
    And I recruit people by kicking them in acid?

    Stop being retarded.


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      You even misspelt your own username lol


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        Game is on ladyboys.


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          Originally posted by SanchoPanza View Post
          You even misspelt your own username lol
          lol I saw that too.


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            lynch swag


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              Originally posted by Chg91 View Post
              lynch swag
              stock up


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                Vitor, could you add the player list to the main post? Makes things easier.


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                  Also, For the people with One Time abilites, during night time, Pm me saying you aint using them, so we can have quicker nights
                  "Aye I put her on game, boy I'm a team player
                  Drinking dirty gatorade, that Jamarcus Russell
                  20 pink tees in the duffel, I'm parched
                  Dooney turn the keys like that nigga just parked
                  4 thousand 4 hundred fifty on my arm
                  Look like a nigga just hopped out the holocaust"



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                    Locked, loaded and ready to roll!!!


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                      Originally posted by Chg91 View Post
                      lynch swag
                      id agree if it wasnt three posts into the thread, im all for doing it since we have zero info on anything
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                        Is "yall" a portuguese phrase?l
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                          Originally posted by Chg91 View Post
                          lynch swag
                          why get rid of a postwhore? they just make the game more interesting.


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                            Originally posted by The Kaiser View Post
                            Locked, loaded and ready to roll!!!
                            so i assume you have this game figured out already ?


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                              Omw home, currently on the phone.

                              Screw you Chg91
                              Originally posted by Daniel
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