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  • Originally posted by blue5213 View Post
    I feel like we might have sided with each other even in spite of Joe coming back. At the time I was thinking, "well, maybe Joe IS a Troll, and the game didn't end with him dead because he wasn't technically eliminated," which I think I would have gone with if Prodigy was still around instead of you. He certainly wouldn't have sided with Joe as quickly as you did, especially after Joe came up Independent the second time.
    Eh, that is true.

    You guys might have stuck together, but I didn't have the grit to risk getting lynched and losing.
    Originally posted by Daniel
    Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

    That's how you sound.


    • wooo, finally caught up. finally this game is over, the last week was a drag and I couldn't believe that it still wasnt over when md4l was gone. now I have around 20 tabs open with stuff I want to comment on.

      first thought: awesome game and great roles. Thank you wdyw and chg! At times, I thought that md4l was overpowered, but in the end, he was nicely counterbalanced.
      2nd thought: I think I played a real good game, it was just incredibly unlucky. more on that in later posts.
      3rd thought: it's so much more fun when you can talk to people and bounce ideas off of them, while being able to completely trust them (FUCK you, wdyw and chg for destroying that illusion with the vf and simonds roles).
      I got so much more active and involved in the game, when I could talk to the cherepinskys and had to hold back not to post too much to break my playing pattern


      • I want to share with you the awesome writeup that wdyw sent me, when I was converted:

        Originally posted by whatdoyouwant711
        Your attempt to add the IP of PSUShenanigans has failed. You may not vote during Day Eleven. And your butt really hurts.

        With Day Eleven starting, you have lost the IP of SirApurrpos.


        Rednose is chillin’ in Germany, doing German things. Watching soccer, (sorry, “futbol”), being Aryan, eating wiener schnitzel, chilling with Tango and my old high school buddy Arno, and wishing he was Dirk Nowitzki. You know, like all Germans do.

        Suddenly, he receives an email titled “JOIN US.”

        “Cool, a soccer team that wants me!” Rednose foolishly assumes.

        He reads it, and learns quite the opposite.

        PaddyPatriot, we love what you bring to the forums. You will join us as we dismantle them. This isn’t an option.”

        “Wait, what the hell?” Rednose thinks. Before he can reply, he hears ominous noises, growing in loudness. The kind of noises you would hear at an underground cult meeting.

        The noises are being emitted from a massive, two-ton, possessed hammer. The Ban Hammer floats over to Rednose, who fears for his life. The hammer’s head opens up, and a portal is revealed.

        “NO! I DON’T WANT TO GO TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!” Rednose screams.

        He doesn’t have a choice.

        The hammer knocks him out cold.

        When he wakes up, he’s in a room in suburban Philadelphia, with three unclean, smelly men, centered around their computers.



        PaddyPatriot, The Forensic Investigator, Cherepinsky-Aligned

        You are Paddy, resident Irish hoss. Every night, you may check the IP of either a person or a crime scene. If successful, this IP will be stored for 5 days, after which it will be lost. If you ever have two of the exact same IPs stored at the exact same time, you will be informed.

        Only one issue: Your drive. Originally self-motivated, you’ve been hired by Walter Cherepinsky and Matt McGuire to eliminate the awful posters of

        Win Condition: You win when Cherepinsky-Aligned players outnumber all other players.

        You may communicate with: miamidolphin4life, PSUShenanigans, and JLash


        • Good game guys. I can look back and laugh on my role now. I pmed swag saying I wouldn't mind running a game with him, but not something like mafia 3, I know that's chg's domain.


          • Originally posted by SanchoPanza View Post
            Who has completed the Sancho Challenge?
            except for one day, where there was a lot of useless spamming and some of the spamming directly after the game ended, I read all posts


            • Originally posted by whatdoyouwant711 View Post
              I'm really not in the mood to do 33 player evaluations. Some time tomorrow.

              I'll answer whatever questions you guys have.

              .... And I don't really have the night logs. My notes are a clusterfuck
              i was really looking forward to those, so many hilarious situations. The day 12 was uber-awesome, despite losing us the game, from a surebet win


              • Thanks to WDYW and Chg for running this. I want to apologize again for being so frustrated with my lynching. Congrats to the winners as well.

                Sad I didn't have a role in game though


                • my thoughts on some of the roles.
                  Originally posted by whatdoyouwant711 View Post
                  3. Welcome to WF Mafia, Vitor. You are:

                  Vbsiena, The Studmuffin, Cherepinsky-Aligned

                  You are Vbsiena, a Mod, one of the site’s originals, and one of the most universally liked members of the forum. You’ve been forced to give up on your womanizing ways and aid Walter (MD4L) and Matt McGuire (PSUShenanigans) in their quest to rid the site of its horrible posters.

                  Fortunately for you and for them, you’re far cooler than those nerds and make them look better. As such, as long as you are alive, Walter, Matt, and yourself will appear as Forum-Aligned in all investigations. Even if Matt dies before you do (Walter cannot), he will still appear as Forum-Aligned after his death until you die as well.

                  Win condition: You win when Cherepinsky-Aligned players outnumber everyone else

                  You may communicate with: Miamidolphin4life, PSUShenanigans

                  wow, how can you **** up this awesome role so badly? I defended vitor on several occasions throughout this game, for him being a teenager and not talking in his main language, but this has to go down in history as one of the worst mafia-plays ever.

                  25. Welcome to WF Mafia, Cicero! You are:

                  Simonds, Jewboy, Forum-Aligned

                  You are Simonds, by far the coolest of the Viking fans. You’re Vikingfan173’s CMD partner/Wonder Twin, and more pertinently, a Jew.

                  There’s only one issue. You’ve finally come to realize that you don’t actually like VF. You’re tired of “carrying him.” You’ve turned on him. To fulfill your win condition, VF must be lynched, and you must be the deciding vote.

                  Win Condition: You win when all threats to the forum have been eliminated and Vikingfan173 has been lynched by your hand.

                  You may communicate with: Taylor091

                  again, thx for ruining the able to talk=friends illusion. great twist though, but the goal was VERY hard to accomplish

                  30. Welcome to WF Mafia, Hyper! You are:

                  Rofldogs, Teenage Asian Ravens Homer, Forum-Aligned

                  You are Rofl, one of the site’s resident teenagers. As an Asian, you’re sharp as a nail, but made of twigs. At the end of every night phase, you’re informed who targeted you that night with their ability, if anyone. However, every time you’re targeted, you suffer an injury. For each injury you endure, it takes one less vote for you to be lynched than it should. These injuries take a toll that you eventually can’t bear; if the amount of times you’ve been targeted ever equals the amount of votes it takes the standard player to be lynched, you automatically die.

                  Win Condition: You win when all threats to the forum have been eliminated.

                  harsh role for someone known as one of the better players. those usually get targeted a lot during the first days


                  • GeeGee and such, now Im annnoyed.

                    Originally posted by blue5213
                    And I recruit people by kicking them in acid?

                    Stop being retarded.


                    • Originally posted by Rednose View Post
                      my thoughts on some of the roles.
                      I knew that I was dead on the moment I came back online on day four, since the only thing it would have taken was one stray vote to end it all... and the only ones who took their votes back were non-forums.

                      Day 4 was brutal for forum.

                      And why wasnt I in this game!!!??!!!!! (rabble, rabble rabble rabble!)

                      Originally posted by blue5213
                      And I recruit people by kicking them in acid?

                      Stop being retarded.


                      • Originally posted by Hyperborean View Post
                        GeeGee and such, now Im annnoyed.
                        Yeah sorry Hyper I had a big gut feeling that you were forum but considering my WC I had to try and get you lynched.


                        • more thoughts
                          Originally posted by whatdoyouwant711 View Post

                          (What they don’t know: If they target Miamidolphin4life, Rofldogs, Mpg1995, Nasmatic, or Arcade (all minors), it will fail.haha, awesome
                          1. The first time Steve targets one of those players, it doesn’t work, Steve is made aware of his failures and the reason why, and a quote is posted in the write-up. The quote says something along the lines of a tall, unknown dark figure lurking around. The person he targeted is told nothing.
                          2. The second time Steve targets one of these players, it doesn’t work, Steve is made aware of his failures and the reason why, Steve can’t rape anyone the next night, and another quote is posted in the write-up, confirming that there’s a rapist in the forums.
                          3. The third time Steve targets one of these players, it’s the same as the second time, except that the quote reveals the identity of the rapist)


                          (What they don’t know: After 5 cycles of successful postwhoring, they’ve earned enough forum cred and the right to a single kill. If they kill a non-Forum-Aligned player with their kill, they’re rewarded with another kill. If they kill a Forum-Aligned player, it’s revealed that they killed him, and they need another 3 cycles of postwhoring to earn another kill).
                          for a euro guy, this was literally impossible to fullfill


                          (What they don’t know: If someone has been raped by Steve, the Doctor will not protect them from the roleblock or voteblock, but the Doctor will be able to tell by the bruises that the player has been raped and will be told such via PM. If they target Rofl, they will heal him of all his accumulated injuries)
                          awesome role, how the f... do we get our doc lynched/killed early every game?


                          (What they don’t know: McNulty’s the drunk cop. His results are totally random. And as a mod, if McNulty is targeted by Matt McGuire, he has a 50% chance of being banned and a 50% chance of being converted to Cherepinsky-Aligned). what an asshat role, that was really mean, at least make it somewhat predictable, like always wrong


                          (What they don’t know: If a player MD4L is protecting is to be killed, then MD4L, coward at heart, pussies out and lets them die). lol

                          Egg Shen/Deaner

                          (What they don’t know: Having a life is not without its consequences, and years of working a dead-end job where all the money goes into paying for his baby mama's child support has finally made him snap. As such, during the night phases in which he logs off, he will enter a bout of psychosis and straight murder someone, but will forget all about the ordeal by the next morning. Also, logging off protects him from all night kills EXCEPT being banned) how did you chose who was killed by him?


                          • Hey guys. Hyper getting Lynched was the best thing that could have happened for me. What up Rednose IMO you did play a good game.
                            Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.


                            • Originally posted by SwAg Dynasty View Post
                              Oh, and Link... I'm sorry, but I didn't get any e-mail about you... I made that **** up, funny right?

                              Oh, hey guys... Taylor wasn't the one giving me info - that info didn't ****ing exist.

                              so all your game was built on 1 semi-lucky guess? I'm sure you had your reasons to pick him, but this still might have gone incredibly wrong.

                              I suspected you at one point and investigated you(day 7 or so), but you weren't a killer.
                              Your roleclaim in the end finished MD4L and me off, we both believed it. There was one point where I doubted it, back when you took forever to give us sits alignment, but it was quickly gone, when that turned out right. Did you ever doubt your picks? You must have been guessing quite a lot.
                              mdfl and I both hoped to get down to 5 and then quickly off you and afterwards one more. We even included it in our strategy earlier, when jlash and psu were still alive. Also, at that time, when we thought you were town, we laughed how you did our work for us, basically suspecting anyone BUT us.
                              After I died, I had the thought that you played either a horrible town-game or a brilliant scum game.

                              All in all, I have to tip my hat to you. Brilliant game. Especially having so many predictions/picks turning out right to back off your claims


                              • I feel bad for future investigators after I preached over and over dont trust them late. Rednose Walter aligned and Swag was not
                                Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.