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  • Just a game, based on a theory made by Bolt Vanderhuge.
    Originally posted by GongKong
    I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


    • Originally posted by Blue View Post
      An hour later...
      PMs have a 60 second cooldown

      So with 29 players even if he had every single one in a word document already it would take 30 minutes

      So 1.5 hours is about right


      • Originally posted by Ray Smuckles View Post
        I look forward to Gong's legendary performance
        Me too.

        One way or another it will be something to behold
        Originally posted by Red-headed step-child
        I suspect Gong is like an alien or barbarian who I look down on at first. Then I begin to suspect that he is actually a well-meaning guy who has much to teach us about life, until he puts his head through a glass ant farm.