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  • Originally posted by Snake View Post
    Had to go completely out of my standard play drag this game forward. Inactivity is bad, and you should feel bad. And the fact you didn't lynch Joe as he didn't know what town color was is pretty pathetic.

    Night one your dumb.
    Role blocked night two. Tried to kill JAS
    Killed night three.
    Purple was town. I was purple. Walter and i were a town mason
    Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.


    • Originally posted by JoeLegend View Post

      Purple was town. I was purple. Walter and i were a town mason
      blue was town, too...
      A mans reputation is what his friends say about him. His character is what his enemies say about him

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      • In the actual PM conversation between me and Joe:

        "You are town but have a different alignment name than other town members."
        Originally posted by GongKong
        I wonder what Cory has cooked up. He is usually a leader of men. Cory the butcher of bakersfield. The one that does not eat the last piece of bread on the table. Truly a hero to the people, even if he spit in the butter bowl, cuz he is a wily little rebel.


        • I'll say this. The alignment thing was pretty clear to me (outside looking in) that there was the Dems, whoever I recruited, and town. Sure, there may have been different colors/titles, but that's just flavor.