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Please reinstate arhymemaster.

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  • Please reinstate arhymemaster.

    I know I'm not the only reason he's banned, but I started it. We talked it over, and there was a misunderstanding. He was merely joking with me, pulling my leg, etc... and I took things too seriously, dramatic, being a woman and such. He meant no harm. And by his reactions after his banishment, it's obvious that he loves the Walter Football community. Arhymemaster is a valued member here. He knows his football. He knows his music. He knows everything, pretty much. He's a really smart dude. And he keeps the kids in line. just hasn't been the same without arhymemaster. Ever since he left, it's not the same. Like there's a malignant malady killing the environs. So, I implore you, moderators. Please reinstate arhymemaster, and let us bring the band back together. Leena.