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    Hi guys.

    My suggestion is to keep people logged in for longer if that's possible. I mean if you're inactive for like 5 minutes you've got to log in again, which is stupensoudly annoying. It's the only fault I have with this otherwise excellent forum.

    You're writing out a post, which sometimes takes 5 minutes and, by the time you're pressing send or whatever, you're gone. ARGH!

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    I don't have this problem and I often take hours between posts. (I get up and go to class, to dinner, or out)

    It sounds like you've got a problem on your end. (cookies not enabled?)

    edit: Forums and the like operate on two basic ways of maintaining your status as "logged in". They are cookies and sessions. Cookies are small files with information in them that allows websites to identify you and some information about you. These are used to keep people logged in for longer periods (say like 2 weeks). Sessions are basically cookies, but stored in temporary access spots (memory, /temp/, etc). If you leave a session inactive for a short period of time, they are removed. This prevents hacking using session data. Hacking using cookies is typically XSS (Cross site scripting... don't worry about what it means).

    Something tells me your cookies are being deleted for some reason.
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      Samething with me, I log on and if a post takes more than 20 minutes im logged out.
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