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Mod who locked my Tebow thread is an old, fat guy who works government

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  • Mod who locked my Tebow thread is an old, fat guy who works government

    It was the first Tebow thread since his most recent loss, the only one on the page at the time, it didn't have regurgitated information, and ... drat, I forget what I was going to add here, but you can bet it was important! The Tebow story is/was one of the most interesting in the ~15 years, so I would expect at least a thread per week on a community with this traffic. Of course Tebow haters aren't going to like seeing his name frequently pop up. Tough ****.

    I know the community majority isn't anal about repetition because:
    * Live game threads for apparently every prime time game. I skim through them and see people *****ing about how boring the game is. Like, what do you expect in a game with a 14 point spread where the favorite isn't even a marquee team? Why even watch the game, let alone post about it?
    * Walt's repeated overly goofy gags in his write-ups, week after week, year after year.

    Don't double-standard my ass. Don't let the minority rule the majority. DON'T RUIN MY FUN.

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    OMG another Tebow thread
    Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.


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      I can assure you I'm not old (22) or fat (6'0, 175), nor do I work for the government.

      Anyways I only did it because numerous people have complained about overplayed story lines clogging up the forum, namely Tebow as well as "what do the Colts do with the #1 pick?" threads. I thought I was doing what was in the interest of the majority, but if enough people complain that threads are too general we can go in a different direction.


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        I stand behind Ckane's decision. Forum Moderator

        Siena NFL ATS Record(TBD)
        Down LOSING Units Through Week 16


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          Similar problem :c
          Originally posted by Daniel
          Me and my gun buddies aren't paranoid, but let me tell you about how Hillary's gun squads will come into your home to take away your God-given freedoms and guns, while forcing you to gay marry illegal immigrants and turn your home to Muslim abortion clinics.

          That's how you sound.


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            who banned my second account? I wasn't being a troll and was just trying to celebrate without going over 10000 on my account


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              Fight the power protest guys


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                We are the 99% non-moderators!