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Draft Classes revisited?

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  • Draft Classes revisited?

    One feature that would be nice to have on the site would be a revisit of old draft classes.

    What do I mean? Consider this: After the season ends Walter and/or Matt take a look at, say, the three latest draft classes and evaluate how they been preforming. Perhaps a closer look at the first one/two/three round(s) and then maybe some comments like "This guy that they found in the sixth round has turned out to be a huge steal."

    Why the three latest drafts? Mainly because the third season is considered a breakout season for i.e. recievers.
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    I think it would be cool if Walter went to his old write ups of draft evaluations and re-evaluated what he said.

    For example his write up on the Lions drafting Charles Rogers was "Great pick, this will give Joey Harrington a target to throw to for the next 10 years." Obviously he wouldn't say the same thing.

    On the other hand he also labeled Rex Grossman as a bust and he could just say "I toooold youuu soooo"


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      That would be pretty sweet. Plus then I can point out the 1 or 2 bad picks and then pretend that I"m better and wouldn't have done that haha
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        sounds like a good idea