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Let me tell you why I'm done

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  • Let me tell you why I'm done

    So.....listen, full disclosure, I am NOT a fan of yours. You seem like a REAL douchey, Penn State frat bro. The kind of kid that wears hemp necklaces and had frosted tips in the early 2000's. Your political hot takes are absolute trash and are only eclipsed in terribleness, by your attempts to be funny, with your 3rd grade, "I know you are but what am I," and "hahaha, you eat pieces of **** for breakfast?!" type retorts. In short, I think you are probably a terrible person. BUT, I came to this site because, although you were frequently wrong, you were at least THOROUGH. You are really the only site that offers up the amount of analysis that you do, and I always appreciated reading at least WHY you thought the ****ing Colts were going to beat the ****ing Jags. (Sorry...they ruined my survivor AND 4 team parlay in one fell swoop...but I digress.) You offered picks, analysis, insight, waiver wire tips, and you did it for multiple sports and years, AND you did it free. (I would never pay for this, because though you claim to be someone who hates having his politics muddy his sports, you sure love to fill your sports site with a TON of useless and cringeworthy non-sports **** eg,Tom Bradys haircuts, The Emmit Smith Stories, Jerks of the Day, the Spam Chronicles, etc). Because of that, I understood, and didn't mind the ads. But, it's the ads that are finally making me stop coming to this site.

    They are BEYOND obtrusive. They reboot the page while you're trying to read. They shut down the browser. They pop up, covering what you're trying to read. They redirect you to other sites that you can't close. They are just VILE. They are so bad that if you would "just stick to sports," I would even consider donating just to avoid them. But until then, it's adios.

    And I know you're gonna have some snarky response or include this in your ALSO not sports, "Hate Mail" section or whatever, but I guarantee a LOT of people feel exactly the same way as I do. Do something about the ads, before they sink your entire ship man.

    Good luck out there.

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