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2010 Draft Team Needs

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  • Lions

    CB, S, OLB, OL is ok, but every one could probably be upgraded, WR3, DE prospect cause vadenbosch is kinda old. Maybe a more solid RB to play more downs, because I don't think Best is an everyback guy.


    • Browns

      1. WR. Browns need an impact player to open up the entire offense. Will take Green if there. Could also take Jones but will probably go with a WR at #2 if Green gone.
      2. DL. Going to a 4/3 and may take any of the top 5 DL that are still left if Green is gone.
      3. Could take CB Peterson if Green is gone and Peterson still there. A top 2 pick.
      Browns will be looking for WR, DL, CB, OT, and OLB in the rest of the draft.


      • Cowboys:

        1. Free Safety- Alan Ball is terrible. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah MIGHT be the answer, but I doubt it. There's talk of moving Terence Newman to FS, but I don't see it. He's not a good tackler and he cannot lay a hit to save his life. They won't pass on Rahim Moore if he's there at #40 overall, and guys like Deunta Williams and Robert Sands are options later. They could pursue Michael Huff, Tanard Jackson, or Eric Weddle in free agency.

        2. Right Tackle- Marc Colombo is a joke. This would be #1 if not for the slight possibility that Sam Young is the answer. They could trade down and pursue Nate Solder or Gabe Carimi, and Tyson Clabo, Jammal Brown, and Jermon Bushrod are free agent options.

        3. Nose Tackle- Jay Ratliff will be moved to defensive end. The team likes Josh Brent, but they can't expect a 7th round supplemental draft pick to be a starter in his second year in the league. They could get a stopgap like Kris Jenkins while they wait for Brent to develop, but I'd rather see them go after Paul Soliai in free agency or Phil Taylor in the draft.

        4. Cornerback- Some people insist this is #1, but I disagree. The team has to hope that Mike Jenkins will play better next year; they have too many needs to address to assume he won't. And depth isn't an issue, with Orlando Scandrick, Bryan McCann, and Alan Ball as a nice 3-4-5. Still, Terence Newman is pretty much done, and they won't pass on Amukamara if he's there at #9. Jimmy Smith, Aaron Williams, Brandon Burton, Curtis Brown, Rashad Carmichael, etc. are some Day 2 options, though they can't realistically expect any of them to immediately replace Newman. They could also look at Asomugha, Bailey, Cromartie, Jonathan Joseph, Ike Taylor, or Brent Grimes.

        5. Defensive end- As I said earlier, Ratliff is more than likely being moved to DE. But that doesn't cure everything. Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen, and Jason Hatcher are all free agents. None of them played that well, and it's doubtful that more than one of them will be back. They won't pass on Dareus if he's there at 9, and look for them to address their depth issue regardless.

        6. Guard- They can get by with Leonard Davis and Kyle Kosier as their starters next year (or Montrae Holland, if Kosier isn't re-signed), but both are in their 30s. They need to find future starters. Rodney Hudson, John Moffitt, DeMarcus Love, Marcus Love, James Carpenter, etc. are all Day 2 draft options.

        7. Inside Linebacker- Keith Brooking will be cut. Bradie James is solid but unspectacular; he's also 30 and entering the last year of his contract. I love Sean Lee, but they can't ask him to be an every down player until he proves he can stay healthy.

        8. Power Running Back- Marion Barber will be cut. But the team needs to find someone new to convert short yardage. John Clay or Stefan Rindley are late round options.

        9. Slot Receiver- Regardless of whether or not Roy Williams is cut, this offense is sorely lacking a dynamic talent in the slot. Williams, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin are all vertical wideouts who are 6'2 or taller.
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        • Jacksonville's needs in my mind for the 2011 offseason:

          1) Free Safety

          Yes, I should give Carey another year and athuridon may hate me for it, but the Jaguars secondary was not very good this year. Our corners constantly got beat by the better passing teams in the league and Carey was a major cause. Our corners may have played better if they had safety help. The Jaguars could trade down in the first for Rahim Moore or get Quinton Carter in the second if he is available. I would like Moore because he is a ball hawk and will help our defense get turnovers. He is a reach at 16th overall, but if he pans out it will be worth it. That is why I say we should trade down, which will be easier because we do not have a top 10 pick this year.

          2) Cornerback

          Mathis and Cox did not play well this year. With our safety problems added in, we ended up with a bad pass defense (29th I believe). Cox deserves another year to develop and could become a good corner. The Jaguars still need a corner who is play maker and helps their defense like Mathis did in his prime. The Jaguars wanted Revis when he was coming out of college, but the Jets traded in front of us. Jimmy Smith has the potential to be like Revis and upgrade our secondary. Prince Amukamara would be a good addition also because he can play safety if needed. I don't see Amukamara falling past Houston for that reason though. We could trade down for Brandon Harris or Aaron Williams, maybe even Jimmy Smith.

          3) Linebacker

          We had one good linebacker last year in my mind, Daryl Smith. And that Jaguars may let him test the free agency. The Jaguars need depth here and may even look at this position in the first round. Akeem Ayers and Justin Houston both may be available, but they project as 3-4 OLBs. I could see Houston going to the Jaguars, but as a DE not OLB. There are a lot of players that the Jaguars could look for. This could go ahead of cornerback as a need, but knowing Gene Smith, he should be able to find talent easily so I don't rank this as our 2nd biggest need.

          4) Quarterback

          David Garrard is on the wrong side of 30. He should start for the Jaguars for another two to three year. However, the Jaguars need a QB to develop. This class has a lot of QBs that won't be starters straight away, but a developmental QB in the 3rd or 4th would be good. Andy Dalton would be a good prospect to draft. He is a Gene Smith kind of guy. Whenever I think QB for the Jaguars, I think Dalton or Pat Devlin. If a QB like Jake Locker falls to us in the 2nd, we should pull the trigger or else we should just wait for a QB in a later round.

          5) Interior Offensive Line

          Our interior o-line is very old. Vince Manuwai is 30 and Brad Meester is 33. We need depth and sooner is better than later. Gene Smith should be able to find a raw prospect that our coaching staff can develop in the latter rounds. Out of the top propsects, Mike Pouncey and Rodney Hudson are two guards that I would be happy with.

          6) Wide Receiver

          I don't have this as high of a need as other Jaguar fans because we will likely sign one of our WRs. Jason Hill showed potential next year and I would rather have him over Mike-Sims Walker (I think of the hailmary pass every time I see his name). Jason Hill can be a deep threat, but we need a #2 WR. One of the players on the team could step up next year and be that number two. Mike Thomas could move to the slot if we got that number two WR. It would allow him to use his speed even better than he did this season as the number 1/2 WR. Torrey Smith, Leonard Hankerson, and Vincent Brown are all prospects that I like. Brown would be the best one and should be available in the 3rd or 4th round.

          There are a lot of free agents this year and I don't see the Jaguars spending big money on any free agent this year. That is why I did not include and FA names. I think they will try build mostly from the draft enless they can get a player for a cheap price like Bob Sanders.


          • where do i find these monthly mock drafts


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              • My perspective for the Patriots is;

                3-4 DE: Ninko Just aint getting it done, Center, TE, DT, ILB Oyyy NVM I just realized what year we were talking about.
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                • Here is my list of needs (in order) for the Packers:

                  1) ILB - Both AJ Hawk and Brad Jones are free agents this year and both had awful years, losing time to Sam Barrington and Clay Matthews (ideal fit - Eric Kendricks, UCLA)
                  2) DT - BJ Raji had his second consecutive season ending injury and Letroy Guion was just arrested on drug possession charges (ideal fit - Malcolm Brown, Texas)
                  3) CB - Davon House should return, but there will still be a void left by the inevitable departure of Tramon Williams (ideal fit - Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest)
                  4) OL - They like to draft versatile linemen and there is potential that Bryan Bulaga does not return (ideal fit - Jake Fisher, Oregon OR Cameron Erving, Florida State)
                  5) S - Haha Clinton-Dix impressed as a rookie, but the starters alongside him has been shaky at best (ideal fit - Jeremy Cash, Duke)
                  6) KR/PR - The special teams play for Green Bay finished 32nd in the league (ideal fit - Tyler Lockett, Kansas State)
                  7) RB - James Starks can only stay Eddie Lacy's backup for so long (ideal fit - David Johnson, Northern Iowa)