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    Vikingfan STFU, if you actually notice Cutty put his team needs down first and then disagreed with someones opinion (which is so terribly wrong)

    you're such an irrelevant poster


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      Originally posted by Preston627 View Post

      DE - Wale and Mark Anderson's contracts are up at the end of the year, and if neither are resigned then it's a definite need because then we go in with Alex Brown and Henry Melton?/Israel Idonije? at defensive end as starters.

      G - Frankie O and Garza have been why this ground game hasn't been up to snuff. Still think Shaffer should be starting at right tackle, would help the run blocking.
      agree with this. Might add LB because of the problems we are having right now.

      DE, G, MLB

      Wolfe has been running pretty decent has a filler back.
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      Wants: O-line, Tall WR, and a 3 tech.


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        I just realized the OP only have 4 post so I don't think he comes on here often...perhaps a mod can update the first post?
        Chicago Bears
        Nebraska Cornhuskers

        Wants: O-line, Tall WR, and a 3 tech.


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          QB- Hasselbeck has one year left on his contract and it seems like he gets hurt every other game. Whoever we draft (*cough* Locker *cough*) would get to sit behind Matt for a year and then hopefully we can make a seemless transition between QBs.

          LT- Walter Jones is done. Stick a fork in him like ESPN's new Bills logo. Sean Locklear is injury prone and is only mediocre. Our line with a new LT could like like this (I'm going to use Campbell for this example)- Campbell--Unger/Sims---Unger/Spencer--Locklear/Willis--Locklear/Willis. Locklear was a guard in college anyways and that actually gives us a good line, and a very young one at that. Keep in mind with Knapp we run the ZBS.

          CB- Ken Lucas isn't that bad but he's not fast enough to keep up with a lot of WRs anymore. Drafting a CB helps us in two ways. The first way is that we would obviously getting a young CB. Secondly if we resign Lucas we can move him to FS and move Grant back to SS.

          S- SS or FS as Grant can play either, although he's more of SS. It pains me to see Trufant not being able to play up to his ability because he doesn't trust his safety help. Grant is decent, all of our other safeties shouldn't be more than depth players.

          RB- No explanation needed here. I personally feel their are at least 2 free agents who are better than the RBs on our roster.

          DT- I know we just signed Redding and and Cole but our rush defense is still terrible. I don't know how TR would feel about taking a DT after that but it's definitely a need.

          DE- Not a huge need as we are in the middle of the pack when it comes to sacks but Kerney is 32 and injury prone and I highly doubt he plays out the rest of his contract. Jackson is off to a good start and hopefully he steps up and becomes a solid DE this year so we can skip DE in the draft.

          C/G- Same thing as DE. Not a pressing need but Spencer and Sims suck and are always hurt.

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            Originally posted by arhymemaster View Post

            Letroy Guion.
            Letroy Guion has been passed by Fred Evans and Jimmy Kennady this year, I don't think he is ever going to amount to anything more than a rotational guy. I hope he could become that, but I don't really see where he fits, he is still too small IMO. Yes, QB is the first need for the vikings than maybe TE, but somewhere we have to find a replacement for Pat, who at most has two years left, hopefully one year after we win the SB
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              Originally posted by chicagojay View Post
              Vikingfan STFU, if you actually notice Cutty put his team needs down first and then disagreed with someones opinion (which is so terribly wrong)

              you're such an irrelevant poster
              if u will go back to the first page you'll see I was the first one to put down the vikings team needs so you STFU
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                3rd post of the entire frickin thread

                Vikings, not many needs but here are the weakness

                1. QB- we have been searching for Culpepper's replacement, favre is one-year stop-gap, TJ should be a good starter until whoever we draft is ready

                2. DT- Need a replacement for pat Williams, kevin williams is getting up there as well

                3. DE- we need an end in case we lose Edwards next offseason, brian robinson is just a rotation guy

                4. OLB- Leber is still a solid OLB but he is getting older, probably more a middle round need, I doubt we use a 1st

                5. RB- yes a small need here, to replace Chester taylor who is a free agent after this year, I doubt we francise tag him and he will probably look for a starting gig

                6. TE- another minor one, Shiancoe is a starting caliber TE, could use an upgrade

                CB isn't a need no matter what some people say, we just gave two long-year deals to griffin and winfield and drafted Asher Allen, we aren't drafting a CB w/ that much invested, some peple may go C, but I like what I saw from sullivan, need to wait until at least half a year before we look to replace him, and finally I don't think we go WR or safety
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                  The Giants, who don't have any glaring holes, but can start planning for the future.

                  C/G/T: The O-Line may be a Giants strong point right now, but they are starting to get up there in age. I'd like to see them start grooming a replacement for Shawn O'Hara at Center. We've got our LT of the future in Beatty, but another backup lineman would be nice as well.

                  S: We need another Safety to play alongside Kenny Phillips when he comes back next season. The guys we have now just aren't cutting it.

                  RB: We could lose Bradshaw to Free Agency in the coming years, and Jacobs' running style is going to keep him out injured several games a year.

                  MLB: Pierce is getting up there. None of the recent draftees have proven that they can play an effective MLB.

                  K: Finally, I've wanted the Giants to draft a kicker for years. I can't remember the last time I actually had confidence in a Giants Kicker. Tynes scares the crap out of me, and bringing in 45 year olds isn't the answer. Draft a kid and see what he can do.


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                    Glad to see the Josh McDaniels bashing has been put on hold (sure it will resume after a loss); however, can you please stop listing QB as a need?

                    Josh went out last year and grabbed his project in Brandstater. He has the tools and intangibles to succeed in this system. Orton may or may not br re-signed, but that will depend on how far along Denver's "TB" progresses.

                    If you want to get inventive, start by looking for Denver to take RB Best...yes I know all about Moreno, but Buckhalter is going to be 32 next year and Josh likes to rotate RBs (Jordan a little long in the tooth too). Best can also return KOs, so he has added value.

                    I agree with OC in round two, but DE could also be the pick (expect Josh to trade up for a another 2nd rounder and get both).


                    1. OC
                    2. RB
                    3. DE
                    4 OG
                    5. Rush backer

                    Add WR if Marshall somehow gets away.


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                      The Vikings continue to struggle against the pass, the vikings need for a corner might arise, will continue watching the corners closely, Griffin has been played good, looks like Winfield is out for several weeks, if the pass defense continues struggling, when winfield gets back, we may need to get an upgrade at CB in the 1st.
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                        Steeler Team Needs

                        Since the o-line appears to be much improved this season compared to last I don't think an upgrade is needed right away, especially if Urbik can bounce back from a slow start. He should eventually replace Colon.
                        1. FS- Clark and Ty Carter are both going to be free agents and they're already liabilities in coverage. I really wanted Kenny Philips 2 years ago. But, if Townsend can transition to FS for a season then they can wait another year
                        2. DL- Hampton will be a free agent and the Steeler depth is old. They need an injection of youth along the d-line
                        3. RB- Parker is all but done and Moore needs to remain a third down back and nothing else. I'd love a mid-round complimentary back to Mendenhall
                        4. LB- The starting 4 might be the best in the league, but behind them are scrubs, save for Keyaron Fox who fills in nicely when asked to.
                        5. OL- Injuires or very poor play from anyone could bump this need to the top of the list. But as it stands, I think the coaches and Kolbert like what they have.


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                          Originally posted by Descendency View Post
                          The biggest Free Agents that NE may incur are Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins, and Stephen Gostkowski. All of them are Restricted Free Agents in 2010 baring a new CBA saying otherwise. That changes things quite a bit. In Order of Need:

                          --------- Starter Needed --------

                          1) OLB: This is easily the biggest need in NE. The guys starting their now are basically special teamers. Derrick Burgess isn't an answer. Pierre Woods and Tully Banta-Cain haven't shown a lot. Adalius Thomas was moved inside, benched (actually, deactivitated), and moved back outside. There is no difference makers at OLB and it's killing their pass rush.

                          2) DE: This is unquestionably the biggest need in NE regardless of the system they want to play. Ty Warren is an acceptable DE/DT, but Jarvis Green is over the hill and basically just a run stuffer. NE needs a LOS controlling 34 DE if they want to continue using the 34. If they want to move to the 43, they MUST get a pass rushing end. This group can not destroy the pocket at all. They get infrequent sacks, but QBs spend a large amount of time in the pocket and not scrambling. In my opinion, both ends need replacement. OLs seem to dominante them and linebackers at the next level. They aren't controlling the LOS very well.

                          3) ILB: Jerod Mayo is clearly a stud, but because of the DLs play and the lack of a partner against the run, he's basically the target of OL when the ball is being ran. A 34 WILL is a need. Gary Guyton can play coverage but Junior Seau was brought in because Guyton isn't a great run stopper. Rob Ninkovich (sp?) was replaced by Seau.

                          ------- Future/rotation player ---------

                          4) OL: This group needs some youth but I think they are still solid up front. Sebastian Vollmer has looked good at LT. Logan Mankins will be retained at LG. Dan Koppen is a respectable center, but a 2nd round pick at center wouldn't be shocking if they find the right guy. Stephen Neal just doesn't look good at all, a RG could be a serious need. Nick Kaczur could move to RG if they draft a RT, but if they like him at RT, I could see a RG drafted. Overall, that depends a lot on Rich Ohrnberger's development.

                          5) RB: This is kind of interesting because Laurence Maroney hasn't looked good consistently and Benjarvus Green-Ellis is raw. Then Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, and Fred Taylor are all at the end of their career. All will be free agents after 2010. They will need to look a running back of the future, but how long they wait will be determined on what they think of BJGE and Maroney. This isn't as immediate of a need as people think. The OL needs to step up and get better run blocking play. When the line blocks, they are successful. Next draft could be the year for NE to go after their running back.

                          ------- Luxury --------

                          6) QB: A mid round pick will likely be spent on QB because they only have 2 QBs, a future hall of famer and a work in progress. They need a guy to come in to throw passes in training camp if nothing else. This could be a round 4 pick or even a round 2 pick if someone fell into their lap (or a round 1 pick if something crazy like Jimmy Clausen falling to them...).

                          7) WR: Somehow, this group is overlooked. They have a young Wes Welker, a young Brandon Tate, a young Terrence Nunn who is on the practice squad (and looked good in pre-season), Sam Aiken looks good right now. Julian Edelman has looked sharp, but will be out with a broken arm for some time. The only WR who is "over the hill" is Randy Moss. A WR just isn't that big of a priority unless they can get a draft steal. If he's the obvious BPA, I could see it, but no Randy Moss's are in the draft in my opinion.

                          8) NT/DT: Vince Wilfork will be retained and Myron Pryor is picking it up daily. Ron Brace is looking like a 2nd round bust, but he's only been around a little while. That's a solid group. Mike Wright can play UT. Jarvis Green and Ty Warren can play DT in a 43 if needed. That group is stacked, with or without Brace. With the class coming out in 2010, I can't see anything but a late round pick.

                          9) K/P: Stephen Gostkowski will be retained and is an All-Pro caliber (has he been one?) kicker. Chris Hanson is an old punter who could use a replacement, but is servicable.

                          10) CB: This part of the team is better than most people think. Darius Butler and Johnathan Wilhite are playing good. Shaun Springs and Leigh Bodden have looked replacable because these guys have played well, not for bad reasons. Springs may be kept around for a while as a nickel simply because Terrence Wheatley is another second rounder who isn't panning out like the Patriots would have though. A nickel/dime pick in the later rounds wouldn't be a bad idea.

                          11) S: James Sanders, Patrick Chung, Brandon Meriweather, and Brandon McGowan are playing great. No need at safety. This is the only group I think I can say there is "no need".

                          12) FB/H-Back: I'm not sure they want one, but if they do, NE doesn't have a real one right now.

                          While I'm at it, I should also point out that the Patriots have 7 picks in the next two drafts in the top 64 and likely 4 in the top 40 (basically 4 1st round picks, 1 from the raiders which could be the #1, 2 of their own, and a #2 from Tennessee this year... which is looking top 5 in a deep year so that pick will be as good as a late first rounder probably).

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                            Geez where should I even begin? I think the Chiefs have the least talented team in the NFL. The team needs are endless.

                            Honestly, the only positions that don't need an upgrade are:

                            QB, LT, CB, DE, K, P

                            List of positions that are utter crap and must be upgraded this draft/FA and next, because it will be impossible to fill all of them in one draft are...

                            C, LG (Waters blows), RG, RT, TE, WR2, WR3, RB (compliment for Charles)

                            NT, OLB, ILB (both spots if possible), FS (Morgan played well when given the chance and was a good prospect...might not be necessary), SS.

                            Yeah, this is gonna take a while to build the team, I hope you're up to it Mr. Pioli.

                            In order...
                            5)SS (Berry please)

                            How sad is that?
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                              Raven's Needs

                              CB/S - Really any part of the secondary. All those Corners we signed that everyone said "will work out just fine" were completely wrong. -Example Picks: Trevard Lindley, Ras-I-Dowling, Brandon Ghee, Nate Allen-

                              WR - Mason flirted with retirement last season, and there is no way Clayton is a number 1 receiver. He is not reliable when the game is on the line like Mason is. -Example Picks: Eric Decker, Arrelious Benn, Golden Tate-

                              - They finally realized Rice is the far more superior back, and have pretty much sidelined McGahee. I think they will target a running back in the 3-6 round(s). -Example Picks: Toby Gerhart, Evan Royster, Anthony Dixon, Montario Hardesty, Brandon Minor-

                              - Todd Heap is one of Flacco's favorite targets, but I still think they would take another TE late in the draft, maybe for blocking purposes, since they don't have a particular blocking TE. -Example Picks: Tony Moeaki, Jeron Mastrud, Nate Byham, Caz Piurowski-

                              DE/DT - Not a huge need at all, but depth could be used in case someone goes down -Example Picks: D'Anthony Smith, Torrell Troup, Jay Ross, Lorenzo Washington, John Fletcher-

                              Interior O-Line - Just Depth for now, but Matt Birk is getting up there. -Example Picks: Erik Cook, John Estes, Brandon Carter, Vladimir Ducasse-
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                                Dolphins Needs:

                                1. Wide Receiver: Our offense looks great, but it needs a viable deep threat to stretch out defenses so that we can run the ball and that the offense has home run potential.

                                2. Inside Linebackers (x2): Ayodele is servicable and Crowder is known as the guy who jumps on the pile at the end of every play. It would be nice to have a guy who could cover a tight end. I am tired of opposing tight ends putting up 15+ fantasy a game against the Fish.

                                3. Outside Linebacker: We need a consistent OLB pass rush since Porter is doing his best Gholston impression.

                                4. Nose Tackle: Ferguson is getting old and I do not think Soliai is the answer.

                                5. Safety to pair with Yeremiah Bell: This may be a need depending on how Clemons does the rest of the year