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    He posted this on Facebook, but you may not be able to read it if you're not his friend... have writ bad nfl pick and nfl draft for long times runnin. hav beat wallar in pickings but hav not writ afl draft mocking so here is nba draft!

    1. kangascity chefs marty barkly qb usf
    2. jasonvil jagulars jason jones de florada
    3. oaktown raders glandar dt utah city
    4. philipino eagley luke jeckel dt texas kfc
    5. defeat lion juke leckel ot texas mcdonalds
    6. clevebrandon browners brandonbrown werner de oragonda state
    7. st louas cardnal barklevius mango lb lbu
    8. billalo buffs greeno smith qb east virgini
    9. nueva york jesus mack sanchus qb oragan
    10. remembing the titan deangeloshawnmarcusantwaan miller cb abamala
    11. san juan charger real john hankans dt real john moss unaversaty
    12. miami heat lebron jones f clevland cav
    13. tampon bay bucks real john banks cb real john moss unidercity
    14. carlona panzers shelphone richards dt massachouri
    15. new onions saints boba fet bh starwans
    16. crodo rams zekelel ansanchanarmack g labamama
    17. pitsblargh stallers manny tio lb mexaco
    18. dralas cowboy real john hankins dt real john moss unicorncity
    19. san franco giant albert oxfor de texans
    20. chico berries kevan ogaltree lb cowboy
    21. candyantya bengal sam l jackgomery de slj
    22. rams who cheat get 2 pick no ways pick
    23. minestato vikans kenyan alan wr clafio
    24. inianpalace colt real john cooper c u know rjmu
    25. biltmore ravings corduroy padderings wr tenestex
    26. Seattle Seahawks: Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor The Seahawks' receiving corps really needs to be upgraded. Sidney Rice is constantly laboring through injuries and has struggled to get any sort of separation for most of the season. Golden Tate, meanwhile, is way too inconsistent, though he's been better lately. Russell Wilson keeps improving every week, so Pete Carroll needs to bolster his wideout corps.

    This is a bit high for Terrance Williams, but the Seahawks don't fear taking anyone who is deemed a reach. Pete Carroll will likely fall in love with Williams' size and straight-line speed.
    27. green day packans tyra bankfarts te hunchbacks nuter dam
    28. hotson texings kevan matter lb uju
    29. san diego 69er mark elon s floridan
    30. new mexico patriarch trayvon austin-jones wr florada
    31. atlantiego flaccon kwaning shorts dt purdydo
    32. denvar bronco real john moss qb real john moss u
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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      I don't get it.


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        lololol he brings da real
        Originally posted by Red-headed step-child
        I suspect Gong is like an alien or barbarian who I look down on at first. Then I begin to suspect that he is actually a well-meaning guy who has much to teach us about life, until he puts his head through a glass ant farm.