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    I have entered this into the contest, feel free to praise or ridicule my picks. If you entered, show it here! For some reason the viewable draft is ****ed up because I changed the order with some unrealistic trades. Thanks Joey, you're really upping your game this year.

    1.1 - Rams: Jared Goff, Quarterback, California - The Rams go for Goff and put him in a decent position to succeed early with Gurley to lean on, while backed by a decent defense. Now about those receivers...

    1.2 - Eagles: Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State - After spending oodles of cap on Bradford and Chase Daniels, Roseman decides he wants another option at QB. Wentz sits the year or waits for Sam to fall apart. Good luck Carson, your team isn't getting any new talent in the near future, so at least you'll have time to create chemistry with the current guys.

    1.3 - Chargers: DeForest Buckner, Defensive End, Oregon - I think this comes down to BPA, and who knows who the Chargers have atop their board. Seems like the Chargers are going to draft defense, so I'll go with Buckner.

    1.4 - Cowboys: Jalen Ramsey, Free Safety, Florida State - Cowboys are in a great spot to choose their prospect of choice. Ramsey's versatility puts him over the edge.

    1.5 - Buccaneers: Joey Bosa, Defensive End, Ohio State - Trade Alert! I dislike the value/need for the Jags here and think they will try desperately to trade out. Can they entice someone to trade up for Jack/Elliot/Bosa/Buckner? I think they settle for a 3rd and 1.9 from the Bucs, who select Joey "Extra Chromosome" Bosa.

    1.6 - Ravens: Laremy Tunsil, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss - Someone of value was destined to fall, and arguably the top prospect of the draft is swooped up by Ozzie and Friends.

    1.7 - Bears: Ezekiel Elliott, Running Back, Ohio State - Trade Alert! The unprecedented talent drain of the Niners is disturbing. Baalke needs to hit a home run, but there isn't a dynamic player available at a position of need. He can't pass up a 3rd and 1.11 from Chicago as his clock ticks down to rethink his options.

    The Bears take Elliot to reinvigorate their run game, something that is endearing to Chicago football.

    1.8 - Browns: Ronnie Stanley, Offensive Tackle, Notre Dame - Jets trading up for Lynch here is popular, but I don't think the Moneyball Machine says $Mo is worth the $15mil+/yr that he would command to get the trade done. Would really love to see an asinine trade from the Fins to trade back up to this slot to get Jack for something truly Browns/Dolphins worthy. One can dream! Anywho, the Browns take Stanley to replace Schwartz, that seems pretty Moneyball.

    1.9 - Dolphins: Myles Jack, Outside Linebacker, UCLA - Trade Alert! Saving face slightly, the Fins package #73 and trade back up to #9 to snag elite LB prospect Myles Jack.

    After seeing Fowler sit for his rookie season, I don't think Jacksonville's FO wants to take a player they know is an injury risk.

    1.10 - Giants: Shaq Lawson, Defensive End, Clemson - G Men will take whoever is highest on their board, and that might be Shaq Lawson. Lawson seems like their kind of edge prospect to create a nice pass rushing trio and making JPP expendable going forward.

    1.11 - 49ers: Leonard Floyd, Outside Linebacker, Georgia - The Niners grab a much needed edge rusher to pressure their inter divisional foe QBs. Baalke better hope for 10+ sacks and DROTY or his pics of Jed York blowing horses won't carry the same weight.

    1.12 - Saints: Sheldon Rankins, Defensive Tackle, Louisville - Everyone and their mother seems to have an Interior Lineman slotted here. The Saints get their pick of the litter among a group of 4 or 5 and go with Rankins.

    1.13 - Jaguars: Jack Conklin, Offensive Tackle, Michigan State - It was reported that the Jags don't see a future with former 1st rounder Luke Joekel and won't exercise his 5th year option. Conklin can come in and compete for a starting spot at either bookend.

    1.14 - Raiders: Vernon Hargreaves, Cornerback, Florida - Raiders can afford to go BPA with a roster that is suddenly full of talent. They could use some competition in the secondary with Hargreaves finding a floor for his recently declining stock.

    1.15 - Titans: William Jackson III, Cornerback, Houston - The Titans have a lot of needs or positions they could upgrade. Going BPA makes the most sense here, and WJIII fits a need going forward as well.

    1.16 - Lions: Laquon Treadwell, Wide Receiver, Ole Miss - Wide receiver is obviously a need and Treadwell offers solid value. Lets see what Stafford can do with a new toy.

    1.17 - Falcons: Darron Lee, Outside Linebacker, Ohio State - This seems to be a very popular pick. Wouldn't be surprised if the Falcons grabbed a WR to pair with Julio though.

    1.18 - Colts: Noah Spence, Defensive End, Eastern Kentucky - I know Luck needs help with protection, but I don't think the value is correct, maybe the Colts would trade down in this situation. Spence might be the steal of the draft or he might hang out with Irsay 24/7. Either way, the Colts organization wins. Somehow.

    1.19 - Bills: Emmanuel Ogbah, Defensive End, Oklahoma State - Sexy Rexy loves to throw different looks at opposing QBs. Ogbah can hone his game under strong tutelage and start out in subpackages. Has the tools to be very useful under Ryan.

    1.20 - Jets: Paxton Lynch, Quarterback, Memphis - Plenty of speculation the Jets will package Mo to move up and take Lynch. He falls here, so the Jets grab him in their 43rd attempt at landing a franchise QB. Regression to the mean has to kick in at some point, right?

    1.21 - Redskins: Vernon Butler, Defensive Tackle, Louisiana Tech - Redskins need help on their D Line. Butler fits the scheme well and should contribute somewhere out of the gate.

    1.22 - Texans: Corey Coleman, Wide Receiver, Baylor - Vertical threat to stretch the field and take attention away from Hopkins? Yeah, I think Brosweiler and O'Brien can work with that.

    1.23 - Vikings: Josh Doctson, Wide Receiver, TCU - I think Viking fans would be ecstatic if Doctson drops to them as the 3rd WR off the board. Offers a skill set that is complimentary to Teddy's current weapons.

    1.24 - Bengals: Jarran Reed, Defensive Tackle, Alabama - Tomato Peko is at the end. Pairing Reed with a healthy Geno Atkins could result in a devastatingly disruptive interior tandem for opposing offenses to deal with.

    1.25 - Steelers: Eli Apple, Cornerback, Ohio State - Rumors of his inability to cook apparently are unfounded. Is this the year that the Steelers finally address their need at CB? I think so.

    1.26 - Seahawks: Chris Jones, Defensive Tackle, Mississippi State - No one knows who the Seahawks will take. I'll give them some more talent on the interior with Floppy Dick Jones.

    1.27 - Packers: Reggie Ragland, Inside Linebacker, Alabama - The Packers linebacking corps needs some stability. Ragland might have the highest floor of any LB in the draft and should be fine value in Thompson's eyes.

    1.28 - Chiefs: Cody Whitehair, Offensive Guard, Kansas State - The Chiefs need a strong run game for Alex Smith to be "effective." Whitehair is a plug and play G with versatility as an added bonus. Andy also loves fat dudes.

    1.29 - Cardinals: Ryan Kelly, Center, Alabama - With a talented roster, the Cards can go BPA. Kelly can be a fixture at center for the next decade.

    1.30 - Panthers: Kevin Dodd, Defensive End, Clemson - Gettelman just made it as clear as possible that he values pass rush more than anything on defense. Dodd offers youth and some time to develop into a 3 down player.

    1.31 - Broncos: Andrew Billings, Defensive Tackle, Baylor - After PeyPey's swan song SB win, the Broncos look to restock with whoever leads them at QB going forward. Might as well go BPA and rebolster the D Line.
    pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock

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    Not a Taylor Decker fan I see.

    I wouldn't mind Jackson there.


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      Yeah, a few guys fell out of the first as one might expect. I think Sprigss, Decker, Alexander and Will Fuller were prob the top ones that didn't make it.
      pheltzbahr 2016 NFL Mock


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        I had Spriggs and Ifedi ahead of him. Dude is super overrated.

        Really don't know how a short armed, non-athletic tackle who plays too high is even in the discussion for the Titans at 15.


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          I like Jack alot but I dont think the Dolphins need to trade up to get him.
          Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.


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            Trading up for injured people is the new trend.


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              I think if the Dolphins stay put both Jack and Elliot will be there
              Legendarily swinging and missing on draft predictions since '10.


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                I'm not typing it all. But here's my awful selections
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                  3/31 ain't bad?
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