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  • Jake's NBA Mock Draft 2012

    Jake Lewit’s 2012 NBA Mock Draft #2

    Updated June 24th

    1. New Orleans Hornets
    a. Anthony Davis (Kentucky, Fr.)
    i. Lets not waste any time here.

    2. Charlotte Bobcats
    a. Harrison Barnes (North Carolina, So.)
    i. Michael Jordan doesn’t have much patience when it comes to losing. Don’t ask me why but I’m just sold. It makes too much sense to me. I think Michael Jordan sees more of himself in Harrison Barnes than in Thomas Robinson. Harrison Barnes proved that he is more athletic than everyone really believed. Even though he struggled in the NCAA tournament he can be a better pro than college player.

    3. Washington Wizards
    a. Bradley Beal (Florida, Fr.)
    i. After drafting two small forwards last year (Chris Singleton and Jan Veesly) I don’t think the Wizards will go for Kidd-Gilchrist here. With Jon Wall’s ability to get to the hoop with his lighting speed Beal would be a great addition to hit an open three and spread the floor.

    4. Cleveland Cavaliers
    a. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Kentucky, Fr.)
    i. The Cavs hit a homerun last year with Irving but they don’t have much around him. I believe the Cavs are content with Harrison Barnes at 4 but after his struggles in the NCAA tournament, he showed some bad signs. MKG might not be as good as a shooter, but he is a much more physical defender and better finisher than Barnes.

    5. Sacramento Kings
    a. Thomas Robinson (Kansas, Jr.)
    i. The best fit for Sacramento would be Thomas Robinson or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. They need a PF badly. TR brings leadership and is a winner. MKG would fit because he doesn’t shoot that much and can also have an impact on the game. Thomas Robinson is mature one aspect that the Kings lack. He has played in big games and he has an incredible NBA body. Two inches taller and he’s the unanimous 1st overall pick. I also envision a potential trade down possibly for some future picks and land another solid Power Forward (John Henson) who brings defense and rebounding. Drummonds also a possibility here cause lets face it, nobody loves young immature freshman out of college more than the Kings (Evans and Cousins).

    6. Portland Trial Blazers (From Brooklyn Nets)
    a. Damian Lillard (Weber State, Jr.)
    i. Andre Drummond’s potential is as high as any player in this draft. I see C and PG as positions they need to address this offseason. With the Greg Oden experiment a bust I think this scares them away from Drummond. Drummond is too raw and the Blazers have potential to win now. Lillard was great at the combine and showed how talented he can be. His body compared too Derrick Rose, not a bad comparison. Lillard isn’t much of a true point guard but he can score at will. The competition he faced at Weber State will make the NBA a bit of an adjustment for him.

    7. Golden State Warriors
    a. Dion Waiters (Syracuse, So.)
    i. The Warriors biggest need is a SF. Barnes would be the best fit but he’s played too well to slip this far. Two months ago people thought Waiters would be a mid-late first round pick now he is a lottery pick for sure. If he develops a better jump shot he could be the best scorer in the entire 2012 draft. The Warriors have been so terrible in drafts lets face it this pick will most likely be a bust or traded after being rookie of the year (Chris Webber)

    8. Toronto Raptors
    a. Austin Rivers (Duke, Fr.)
    i. DeMar DeRozan hasn’t cut it recently for the Raptors and they need a lot of help. He’s their best scoring option from PG-SF. If the Raptors want to make it to the next level they need some more offense from the outside. In comes Austin Rivers. I think Waiters is ahead of him on their draft board, so if he’s on the board they go Waiters. Rivers can score the ball in a variety of different ways. He can shoot and blow by anyone with his killer cross. The Raptors need Rivers because he is probably the most “popular” player in the draft. He can thank Doc Rivers for that. Rivers will put fans in the seats, sell jerseys and bring some hype to Toronto that’s why I think he goes here.

    9. Detroit Pistons
    a. Terrance Jones (Kentucky, So)
    i. This would be a shock. A major turn of events. I ultimately think this pick will go down Jones, Leonard and Henson. I think Jones is the dark horse here. Jones is the only player who is not a true PF but he is NBA ready and he believes in himself. Even though he is not a true PF he brings a scoring aspect that the other two do not. Greg Monroe has gotten better and better and would love to pair him with a solid PF.

    10. New Orleans Hornets
    a. Andre Drummond (Uconn, Fr.)
    i. Many people think they will go PG to pair with Davis but Jarrett Jack had a breakout season and I see them giving him a year to prove what he’s got. Chris Kaman was unhappy all year and Okafor was just traded. They may try to pair Anthony Davis with another big man to nail down a frontcourt for years to come. This would be too good to be true for the Hornets to land Drummond. You can make an argument that he should go 2nd overall and if he falls to the Hornets here WOW! He most definitely could have used another year in college. He can defend, block shots and run the floor but his offensive game is raw. Very, very, very raw. Potential wise he is the best player in the entire draft. If the Hornets hit this homerun this could be the scariest frontcourt in the league for years to come.

    11. Portland Trial Blazers
    a. Myers Leonard (Illinois, So.)
    i. The Blazers thought process could potentially go like this. “We need a PG and Center. Our guy is Lillard, if we don’t take him at 6 he will probably be gone before 11. Drummond has a ton of potential but what PG would we take at 11. Our options are Drummond and Kendall Marshall or Our guy Lillard and Myers Leonard”. Myers Leonard has great size and more potential than Tyler Zeller. Greg Oden will never be healthy and Leonard could fill that roll of long term Center.

    12. Milwaukee Bucks
    a. Tyler Zeller (North Carolina, Sr.)
    i. With the loss of Andrew Bogut I think the Bucks will try to replace him with another big man. Everyone is saying they will go for the fences with Leonard or Perry Jones III. Zeller would be a safe pick. Probably never a star but a solid big man. Zeller can defend and rebound well. The Bucks need an interior presence that can also score the ball. John Henson is the other PF option available but he’s too lanky and weak. With Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis who knows if this pick will even see the ball.

    13. Phoenix Suns
    a. Jeremy Lamb (Uconn, So.)
    i. This pick can make or break the future for the Suns. Their team now looks like they could end up with years of suffering if they don’t draft well. With Nash on his way out the Suns need a new playmaker. The Suns would love Waiters, Rivers or Lamb. Lamb is has great size for a 2 guard. He is tall and has a National Championship of experience under his belt. He can shoot from the outside and finish around the hoop. He seems to have that “im pissed, get the **** out my way and im putting the ball in the hoop” look. This would be a win for the Suns in my opinion.

    14. Houston Rockets
    a. John Henson (North Carolina, Jr.)
    i. Who knows if the Rockets will even be drafting here because they want to move these picks to move into the lottery. Otherwise, the Rockets are pretty solid all around. Henson has a lot of experience and will bring help to an aging frontcourt. He can block shots and rebounds well with his long arms. Henson will play behind Scola and can take a few years adjusting to the physicality of the NBA. The ideal fit will be Zeller here because the Rockets are weakest at the center position.

    15. Philadelphia 76ers
    a. Arnett Moultrie (Mississippi State, Jr.)
    i. Elton Brand is my grandpa. Just kidding. The dude is straight old. The 76ers have options on offense, Igoudala, Meeks, Turner, Holiday and Lou Williams. Wait, I almost for got they also have Thaddeus Young, I cant remember the last time he passed the ball. Give him the ball and the only way you’re seeing it back is from an offensive rebound. All in all, the 76ers have options on offense, what they need is defense and rebounding. Moultrie brings both of those and is a solid shot blocker. His offensive game is alittle raw but he has been working to develop a mid range game.

    16. Houston Rockets
    a. Kendall Marshall (North Carolina, So.)
    i. It’s rumored that the Rockets are trying to move Kyle Lowry. He had a breakout season even though he struggled with injury. If they trade Lowry they will most likely trade these picks as well. This red flags show the Rockets aren’t sold with him. Marshall is the best point guard available after Lillard and if the Rockets trade Lowry this pick makes too much sense. Marshall is one of the best college basketball passers I personally have ever seen. He sees the floor extremely well and would make Kevin Martin into a machine. Only problem is that he is slow, cant shoot and would struggle scoring the basketball.

    17. Dallas Mavericks
    a. Perry Jones III (Baylor, So.)
    i. The majority of the Mavericks team qualifies for Social Security in a few years so this pick could go any which way. I am a firm believer that Cuban will go after Deron Williams and somehow make an effort to go for Dwight Howard. A popular rumor that I have heard here is Kendall Marshall but I just don’t see it with the potential of Deron Williams. I think Cuban wouldn’t mind taking the risk of Jones here. He has top 5 talent and for a while was considered being taken first overall. At 7 I think the Warriors will look at him but it’s not worth the risk. Here at 17 with an old Mavs team. This could be a steal.

    18. Minnesota Timberwolves
    a. Terrance Ross (Washington, So.)
    i. The Timberwolves have a lot of talent but just haven’t been able to translate into wins the past few years. Ricky Rubio is very promising and needs a running mate on in the backcourt. Ross has a great body for the SG position at 6 foot 6 and could really run the floor and finish off Rubio feeds on the break. He can shoot surprising well for a guard with size which would spread the floor the Rubio/ Love pick and roll game.

    19. Orlando Magic
    a. Fab Melo (Syracuse, So.)
    i. I put the Magic in the Suns category of things could go wrong and it could happen fast. This draft pick is much more important than most 19th overall picks. I don’t see Dwight Howard starting this year on the Magic and Jameer Nelson just hasn’t don the job. Glen Davis had an impressive post season and Ryan Anderson can shoot the lights out. The top priority is to find a replacement for Dwight Howard. Why not replace an immature, selfish big man with another immature, mentally challenged big man. Melo does have great size and gained valuable experience playing in the Big East. Another year would have been great for him but Orlando would be a nice fit.

    20. Denver Nuggets
    a. Marquis Teague (Kentucky, Fr.)
    i. The Nuggets have a ton of talent on their roster and no stars. They took the Lakers to 7 but couldn’t get it done in the end. Harkless is the best player on the board here but they already have Gallinari and Wilson Chandler at the 3 and drafted Jordan Hamilton last year. Andre Miller is a dinosaur leaving Lawson as the only option at PG. He spent a part of the season hurt last year and Teague would be a great backup PG giving the Nuggets depth at the guard position. His experience from last years National Championship will factor in on the decision to taking him here.

    21. Boston Celtics
    a. Moe Harkless (St. Johns, Fr.)
    i. I love this pick here. I could see Harkless being the successor too Paul Pierce. Playing with 4 other freshman at St. Johns they weren’t very good, had he played on a better team and people really saw how talented he was, I think he would be a top 10 pick. He is only 18 years old and playing a few years behind Pierce would really mold him into a great player. He is long and can really do almost everything well. He can jump, shoot, dribble, and is an all around scorer. The Celtics are old and need to start rebuilding. The only question is will Harkless make it too 21?

    22. Boston Celtics
    a. Royce White (Iowa State, So.)
    i. Garnett is most likely out of Boston. Leaving Brandon Bass the only decent big man on the Celtics. Bass has a solid mid range game and can knock down jumpers. White is believed to have a promise from the Celtics. Think of anyone similar to Paul Pierce in this draft and its Royce White. He is strong. Very strong and can be a 3 who plays with his back to the basket just like Pierce. He passes well for a small forward and is an excellent rebounder. Him and Harkless both play the 3 but would be able to both be on the court at the same time.

    23. Atlanta Hawks
    a. Jared Sullinger (Ohio State, So.)
    i. Poor Jared Sullinger. Would have potentially been a top 10 pick in the draft but got red flagged by doctors. This is why so many not ready NBA players enter the draft too early. Sullinger made a great decision to go back to college and it bit him in the ass. He developed a nice little mid range and outside game to compliment his physical inside game. He may not be fast or quick but he is physical and has size. Josh Smith I don’t see being on the Hawks for much longer and Sullinger would be a solid replacement this late.

    24. Cleveland Cavaliers
    a. Evan Fournier (France)
    i. The Cavs will go SF at 4 unless Beal is available. I’m not a Tristan Thompson fan but they are set to make it work. Fournier is only 19 years old and has excellent size for a SG at 6 foot 7 and over 200 pounds. Pair him in the future with Kyrie and a Barnes or Kidd-Gilchrist and the Cavs would be dangerous.

    25. Memphis Grizzlies
    a. Andrew Nicholson (St. Bonaventure, Sr.)
    i. Zach Randolph didn’t quite have the type of play offs he did two years ago and his age showed. Nicholson doesn’t bring the post presence that Randolph does and is underweight for a 4 man. What he lacks in big man size, he can really shoot the ball, really really shoot the ball. He is already 22 years old and may need a few years to adjust to the NBA’s game speed and physicality.

    26. Indiana Pacers
    a. Jeff Taylor (Vanderbilt, Sr.)
    i. The Pacers are a very well rounded team. They need the best player available who can help them win now. I don’t see them going for a developmental experience. Quincy Miller probably has the most potential here but they need a mature player who is ready now. Taylor would backup Granger and could help give strong defensive minutes off the bench. This would be a solid addition for the Pacers.

    27. Miami Heat
    a. Festus Ezeli (Vanderbilt, Sr.)
    i. Chalmers, Wade, Lebron and Bosh are a terrific 1-4. The Heat struggled against the Pacers because of their big's (West and Hibbert). They need a 5 who can defend the interior and Ezeli does just that. He is an excellent shot blocker, and a solid defender. He has decent post moves and an excellent baby hook but can be soft offensively around the rim.

    28. Oklahoma City Thunder
    a. Quincy Miller (Baylor, Fr.)
    i. The Thunder are young and off of a finals appearance. Many people believe they will take an experienced college veteran who can help improve the team immediately. Although, I disagree with Millers decision to come out after his freshman campaign he is one of the most talented players in the draft. If it weren’t for his knee issues he would be a lottery pick. This could be a diamond in the rough pick, backing up a leader like Kevin Durant he could be mentored and develop into the player some executives think he can be. He’s long skinny athletic, remind you of anybody?

    29. Chicago Bulls
    a. Tony Wroten Jr. (Washington, Fr.)
    i. The Bulls dilemma is that Derrick Rose cant stay health. Off an ACL injury who knows how D-Rose will play when he’s back and how long his recovery will take. Even though they have backups in CJ Watson and shot happy Jon Lucas, neither would be a long-term answer in case something happened to Rose. Wroten has excellent size and should have probably stayed another year to develop in college. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the best PG out the draft.

    30. Golden State Warriors
    a. Doron Lamb (Kentucky, So.)
    i. If you look at the Warriors starting lineup next year (Curry, Thompson, Lee, Bogut and what they hope will be Barnes or a SF they take at 7), it’s hard to think they wont contend for a playoff spot in the West. That is a solid starting lineup. Doron Lamb played very well the entire NCAA tournament and gained a ton of winning experience. The Warriors need winners.

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    Its a pretty out of place mock and is quite interesting in both the slide of Drummond and Sullinger. Sullinger will slip but you give to much credit to someone in the top 9, not taking a flyer on Drummond. 10 through 20 is a bit 'odd' imo, Zeller is wayyyy to high and shouldn't be anything more than a late first rounder, i think its a little late for Perry Jones and even with the maturity Teague showed he isn't going 20th overall. Quincy Miller won't fall that far, even in his worst nightmare.
    Originally posted by Zodiac
    No disrespect to Kobe but Teague has the prettiest floater in the league
    Originally posted by Zodiac
    Teague has abused Westbrook tonight when he's been on him, Every shot is highly contsted and apWestbrook just simply cant keep up with Teague's quickness and speed
    Originally posted by Zodiac
    I see Davis as a much more polished Biyombo, so I dont see what the hoop-la is
    Zodiac. He's as crazy as you think.White Power