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Biggest Free Agent Addition so far

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  • Biggest Free Agent Addition so far

    Steve Nash- Heading to the Lakers, Nash is defiantly a player that will help the Lakers as they haven't had a very good point guard since fisher started to slow down. However Nash has never won a championship and has to think this is his last chance at being a champion. With Lakers doing everything in their power to also add Dwight Howard this Lakers team could once again compete for the Title. Nash is almost 40 years old so he needs it now or never.

    Ray Allen(As a Celtics fan this is my boy!). Ray Allen is to the defending champions the Miami Heat. With Lebron, Wade, And Bosh this team looks unbeatable and some may even question if having 3 of the best in the game is even fair after the NBA didn't allow Chris Paul to join the Lakers. Ray Allen is and always will be one of the greatest 3 point shooters in the game and likely will only come off the bench for the heat to try and add some extra 3s will Wade takes himself some breathers. Allen would love to get another ring on his fingers.

    Jason Kidd- Heads to the Knicks who after letting Jermey Lin could use a point guard with the skill level of Jason Kidd. Who like allen is also a great 3 point shooter and has championship rings. The Knicks are currently a top 5 team when it comes to talent however they gotta put it on the court. I do not however believe that Kidd will be around long enough for them to win the title.

    Alright I did a few now yall do a few i'l lprobably do more later and extend my comments on the 3 guys i've done but I'm just trying to get this started
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    Kwame Brown.

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      Is Kidd a great 3 point shooter? Maybe 7 years ago, but now he's about league avergae, iirc
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