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NBA CMD - Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics vs Braves

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  • NBA CMD - Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics vs Braves

    Vote for who you think would win this matchup.

    Rules, Please Read:

    One vote per person. Duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

    One vote per team in the conference. Co-owners may vote in the other conference.

    For people who have been following along and wish to vote: please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

    To build off the point above, if you've only heard of one player in the voting, refrain from voting just because you've never heard of anyone else.

    Boston Celtics
    Buffalo Braves
    2013 BDL and 2014 CMD Champion

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    Boston Celtics:

    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Dion Waiters
    SF: Lebron James
    PF: Kenneth Faried
    C: Robin Lopez

    - Ray Allen, SG
    - Ed Davis PF/C
    - Darren Collison PG
    - Martell Webster SF
    - Bismack Biyombo PF/C


    Buffalo Braves

    PG: Chris Paul
    SG: Manu Ginobili
    SF: Jeff Green
    PF: Paul Millsap
    C: Tyson Chandler

    Bum PG Patrick Beverley
    Bum SG Ben McLemore
    Bum SF Tayshaun Prince
    Bum PF Luis Scola
    Bum C Kelly Olynyk
    2013 BDL and 2014 CMD Champion


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      Boston Celtics

      Writeup I always have (skip to bottom to read specifically vs. Braves)
      My offense will employ a lot of run and gun and motion strategies in order to take advantage of the starters athleticism and quickness. It will be a high paced, fast offense employing lots of screens to open up driving lanes to the basket. Obviously this strategy centers around Lebron. The Heat typically run various forms of the run and gun and motion offenses, so clearly it fits his style. Lebron can succeed with almost any teammate. He’s been to the NBA finals with a very poor supporting cast in Cleveland, and has won the NBA finals and the NBA CMD despite major questions in terms of fit, so I put a focus in BPA over fit (especially considering I had the last pick in rounds 2-5). Dion Waiters is a young developing SG with major offensive talent, and can also take advantage of the screens in the motion offense and his quickness, athleticism, and scoring ability fits well with the run and gun offense and will take a Dwayne Wade-type role (Obviously Waiters isn’t the same talent level, but he has a similar skill set). Jrue Holiday is an All Star PG and my #2 scoring option next to Lebron. He can spread the floor and fits with the quick strike offense I’m using. Holiday can create his own shot and executes on offense regularly, scoring 18 PPG last year. Not to mention he still has a high ceiling at only 23 years old. Kenneth Faried is another young emerging player who is an athletic high effort player who can score, defend, and rebound. He averaged 11.5 and 9.2 last season in less than 30 minutes per game, and is expected to improve next season. Robin Lopez is there to provide true size to match up with other centers. His primary role is defense and isn’t a huge cog in the run and gun offense, as my team will often go small and sub Martell Webster or Ray Allen to spread the floor and open up the three point options along with Holiday (A small ball/spread floor type lineup could be Holiday-Allen-Webster-Lebron-Faried, for example). However, Lopez is still vital to match up against other centers and preventing an All Star center from controlling the game. This type of lineup would employ ideas from Nellie Ball and the in and out offense, which is basically having Lebron drive or kick out to one of the 3 point shooters in order to open up as many 3 pointers as possible. Darren Collison has proven to be a legitimate top backup PG to Chris Paul over his career and even has some starting ability. Ed Davis will rotate with Faried and Lopez, and can substitute for Faried on the small ball offense if I want a little more size. Davis is an up and coming PF/C and has been very solid in his playing time. Biyombo is mostly there to rotate and for defensive matchups, offensively he’s not all that useful.

      Defensively, I’ll be using mostly man to man strategies, as this will allow Lebron to defend my opponents best player. Lopez, Faried, and Holiday are all regarded as above average defenders and are all players I feel very comfortable leaving with another man. Holiday is especially known for his defensive awareness, fundamentals and versatility with the size to defend to the 1 or the 2. Lopez, Faried, and Lebron are also all plus rebounders, and Biyombo and Davis help out in that regard as well. On the bench, Biyombo is another very solid defender, Allen can still hold his own despite his age, and Webster is sort of a 3DA guy, and is very good at defending players coming off screens, which is essential in a man to man defensive system, as that’s where one of the largest weaknesses of the system lies.

      Vs. Braves
      I’ll likely use a combination of Lebron and Holiday against CP3, as both are very good defenders and can hopefully slow him down enough to not dominate the game. On the other side, Jeff Green and Tayshaun Prince have shown they’re good defenders, but it’s not like either can stop Lebron 1 on 1, so I expect Leelee to use a lot of help, especially with Tyson Chandler and Paul Millsap blocking the rim. Chandler is going to give Lebron some problems, but Lebron’s still the best in the game and will have chances to score and likely get his 20+ PPG. Think of Lebrons performance against top notch rim protectors like Roy Hibbert. If nothing’s there, he’ll be kicking it out to one of my three point shooters like Webster or Allen or even Jrue, who I’ll probably give some extra minutes to over Waiters for this game. Her defense is very weak at the 2 position, so look Allen or Webster to get a lot of good looks on kick outs from Lebron. Faried is a pretty similar player to Millsap, and someone they each match up well with one another, although I feel Faried is the superior player. Also, his backup bigs can’t do much to my team, as Olynyk hasn’t proved anything beyond the summer league and Scola isn’t much more than an offensive energy big off the bench. Davis and Biyombo can stop them without much help. I think my backups match up very well vs. hers and are ultimately superior, and the Braves are going to have a tough time when they inevitably need to call in their bench.

      TL;DR Braves are a good team but Lebron/Holiday can still defend CP3, Lebron can kick out to shooter if Chandler is too much at the rim, and my bench is superior.


      Buffalo Braves

      Today the Fightin' Braves take on LeBron and Friends.

      We are gonna **** him in ass and make him humble. Physical defense with men who can do the job.

      Jeff Green

      Here is what LeBron will be facing for 30 minutes. Green has the quickness and length to force LeBron to shoot pussy jumpers.

      Old ass Tayshaun will be on LeBron for a while too. He'll make LeBron work to get the ball. You gonna work boy

      You probably think that's not enough. Aight. I got the boss nigga that beat LeBron to help defend if needed. Like Tyson will have anyone to cover anyway with the Celtics' garbo interior

      Nothing will be easy for LeBron. If he wants a good look, 20 footers all day. We'll play that game. Or Jew Jrue can do something I guess. Like that matters.

      On offense, we're doing this. Ginobili and Scola can fill in as slow white guys

      Jwarr is gonna Wiki some stuff about how his guys are good defenders, but that's bull****. And look at rebounding. Faried's a balla but he's short and a role player. Lopez? Biyombo? Ha. I'm DOMINATING the boards with Chandler and Millsap. LBJ better knock down all his jumpers, boy.

      I've totes got the team to stop LeBron. Believe in me!
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      2013 BDL and 2014 CMD Champion


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        Leelee makes the best write-ups.


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          I want to vote braves, but I just can't...


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            Faried is not a superior player to Millsap.


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              Still think pacers were best team after the kings, but the celtics are pretty damn good


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                Originally posted by Daniel Brown View Post
                Faried is not a superior player to Millsap.
                You seem down on him compared to others. I took Faried one pick before Millsap and people thought it was a really good pick.
                Boston Celtics 2013 NBA CMD Champions

                CMD Picks: 11.16, 12.10, 13.21, 14.10, 14.15, 15.21, 16.10, 17.21, 19.21, 20.10, 21.21, 22.10


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                  Don't get me wrong, I like Faried because he's the ultimate hustle player and an awesome athlete (which is why so many people like him) but this tends to get him overrated by some people. Playing him at PF offers some nice small ball offense and gives LeBron a nice transition buddy but on the defensive end he's going to get pounded by other PF's.


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                    Farieds hustle really is the perfect Lebron complement. I still havnt decided on my pick though,


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                      Seriously, against Leelee's team the only reason people aren't voting for the Celtics is LeBron fatigue.


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                        Voting against me because you won't accept you're tired of LeBron being awesome is so hipster


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                          Down 7-10 is a moral victory


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                            I'd ask for people to vote but **** that


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                              9-11 maybe I should