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2015 NBA CMD - Rosters Thread

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  • 2015 NBA CMD - Rosters Thread

    Post your team(s) below. One post per team, please.
    Originally posted by jepg
    I apologise to the entire Walter Football community for my bigoted views.

    I should be put on an island and nuked.
    Originally posted by jepg
    Blue is right

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    2015 Atlanta Hawks

    C - Nerlens Noel
    PF - Lamarcus Aldridge
    SF - Otto Porter
    SG - Jimmy Butler
    PG - Jordan Clarkson

    Bench - C Karl Anthony-Towns
    Bench - G Zach LaVine
    Bench - G Dion Waiters
    Bench - F Ersan Ilyasova
    Bench - G/F Terrence Ross


    C - Noel (30), Anthony-Towns (14), Aldridge (4)
    PF - Aldridge (28), Anthony-Towns (14), Ilyasova (6)
    SF - Porter (24), Butler (15), Ilyasova (6), Ross (3)
    SG - Butler (15), LaVine (14), Waiters (13), Ross (6)
    PG - Clarkson (30), LaVine (10), Waiters (8)
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    Originally posted by jepg
    I apologise to the entire Walter Football community for my bigoted views.

    I should be put on an island and nuked.
    Originally posted by jepg
    Blue is right


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      LA Lakers

      PG: Jrue Holliday / Kemba Walker
      SG: Eric Gordon / Ben McLemore
      SF: Andrew Wiggins /
      PF: Dirk Nowitzki
      C: Dwight Howard / Enes Kanter
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        Brooklyn Nets

        PG- Chris Paul
        SG- Victor Oladipo
        F- Tobias Harris
        F/C- Tim Duncan
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          Gaylden State Warriors

          G - James Hard On
          SF - Khris Middleton
          PF - Paul Millsap
          C - Andrew Bogut
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            Seattle SuperSonics

            SG: Klay Thompson
            PF: Kevin Love
            C: Nikola Vucevic

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              Charlotte Hornets

              PG Steph Curry
              SG Monta Ellis
              Sf Jeff Green
              PF Terrence Jones
              C Al Horford

              Swing Joe Johnson
              C Robin Lopez
              PF Boris Diaw
              PG Jose Calderon
              G RJ Hunter

              Memphis Grizzlies

              G Brandon Knight
              G Eric Bledsoe
              F Chandler Parsons
              F Greg Monroe
              C Marc Gasol

              PG Michael Carter Williams
              Swing Kevin Martin
              PF Patrick Patterson
              SF Lance Stephenson
              F Josh McRoberts
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                Utah Jazz
                G: Marcus Smart/Deron Williams
                G: Dwyane Wade/Anthony Morrow
                F: Jabari Parker/Matt Barnes
                F: Blake Griffin/Nene Hilario
                C: Joakim Noah/Jonas Valanciunas

                PG: Marcus Smart (26), Deron Williams (22)
                SG: Wade (28), Anthony Morrow (14), Smart (6)
                SF: Jabari (18), Matt Barnes (16), Morrow (14)
                PF: Blake Griffin (28), Jabari (16), Barnes (4)
                C: Noah (20), Jonas (18), Nene (6), Blake (4)

                Detroit Pistons
                G: Elfrid Payton/Ty Lawson
                G: Danny Green/CJ McCullom
                F: Danilo Gallinari/Stanley Johnson
                F: Carmelo Anthony/Amir Johnson
                C: Rudy Gobert/Tyler Zeller

                PG: Elfird Payton (26), Ty Lawson (22)
                SG: Danny Green (26), CJ McCullom (22)
                SF: Danilo Gallinari (22), Stanley Johnson (18), Melo (4), Green (4)
                PF: Carmelo Anthony (26), Amir Johnson (14), Danilo Gallinari (8)
                C: Rudy Gobert (30), Tyler Zeller (14), Amir Johnson (4)
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                  CandyLand Mandingos

                  PG -- John Wall
                  SG --Robert Covington
                  SF -- Rudy "Homosexual queer" Gay
                  PF -- Ryan Anderson
                  C -- DeAndre Jordan

                  BENCH -- Isaiah Thomas
                  BENCH -- David West
                  BENCH -- Bismack Biyombo
                  BENCH -- Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
                  BENCH --
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                    Phallus Mavs-

                    PG: Derrick Rose
                    SG: Wesley Matthews
                    SF: Paul George
                    PF: Markieff Morris
                    C: Tyson Chandler

                    BN: Greivis Vasquez
                    BN: Nik Stauskas
                    BN: Marcus Morris
                    BN: Brandan Wright
                    BN: Kosta Koufos
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                      Montreal Independents

                      1- Tony Parker, basketball baby
                      2- Goran Dragic, first of his name
                      3- Gordon Hayward, white guy
                      4- Anthony Davis, OT
                      5- Brook Lopez
                      6th- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
                      B1 - Darren Collison
                      B5 - John Henson
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                        Santa Clara Missionaries
                        1 Avery Bradley
                        2 Kobe mononym Bean Bryant
                        3 Kawhi finals mvp Leonard
                        4 do me a Derrick favors and break my nose
                        5 Handsome Brightside

                        6th Ricky Rubio
                        B3/4 Al-Farouq Aminu
                        B5 Meyers Leonard
                        B3/2 Justise Winslow
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                          Miami Heat
                          PG: Jeff Teague
                          SG: Bradley Beal
                          SF: Demarre Carroll
                          PF: Kenneth Faried
                          C: Andre Drummond

                          G: Shaun Livingston
                          F: Mike Dunleavy
                          F: Corey Brewer
                          C: Brandon Bass

                          San Antonio Spurs
                          PG: Russell Westbrook
                          SG: JJ Redick
                          SF: Giannis Greek Freak!
                          PF: Chris Bosh
                          C: Timofey Mosgov

                          6th man: Harrison Barnes
                          G: Dante Exum
                          G: Patty Mills
                          F: Iman Shumpert
                          C: Steven Adams
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                            Cleveland Cavaliers

                            C - Al Jefferson
                            PF - Pau Gasol
                            SF - Tyreke Evans
                            SG - Kyle Korver
                            PG - Kyrie Irving

                            Bench - F Paul Pierce
                            Bench - F Taj Gibson
                            Bench - G Emmanuel Mudiay
                            Bench - C Tiago Splitter
                            Bench - C Myles Turner


                            C - Jefferson (28), Gasol (8), Splitter (8), Turner (4)
                            PF - Gasol (20), Gibson (20), Splitter (4), Turner (4)
                            SF - Evans (20), Pierce (24), Gibson (4)
                            SG - Korver (28), Irving (12), Evans (8)
                            G - Irving (20), Mudiay (28)
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                            Originally posted by jepg
                            I apologise to the entire Walter Football community for my bigoted views.

                            I should be put on an island and nuked.
                            Originally posted by jepg
                            Blue is right


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                              The Mighty Canucks of Flin Flon, Manitoba

                              C - DeMarcus Cousins
                              PF - Zach Randolph
                              SF - Luol Deng
                              SG - Aaron Afflalo
                              PG - Mike Conley

                              BN - Lou Williams
                              BN - Nikola Pekovic
                              BN - Wilson Chandler
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