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NBA Mock Draft - Ford vs Simmons

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  • NBA Mock Draft - Ford vs Simmons

    A must read. I truely enjoyed them going blow for blow. Forum Moderator

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    Pretty good read. Bill made some dumb picks and I am surprised that Chad had Chalmers go #12 ahead of DJ Augustine.


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      I hate these mocks where people go back and forth.
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      Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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        I hate Bill Simmons.


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          Simmons used to be good, but you can see with each passing article he just gets more and more arrogant. And his boner for the Patriots is annoying as ****
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            Bill Simmons is my favorite writer.
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              about 1/3 of the joy I derived from the Pats losing was due to not having to read 8.2 billion articles about the pats from Simmons.

              I like reading his stuff, but hes a true homer (like an unnamed writer on this site who likes kentucky). If the Celtics would have played anyone but the Lakers, I would have hoped they would lose too. Not to mention the Sox. Maybe I am just jealous that my 3 favorite teams arent dominant? Ford is just a moron, so that piece wasnt really worth writing.
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