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  • physical corners

    of these corners who may/may not declare, how should they be rated as far as physicality of play?

    reggie smith, OK
    ikegwuonu, WI
    chevis jackson, LSU
    mike jenkins, USF
    terrell thomas, USC
    charles godfrey, IOWA
    darnell terrell, Mizzou
    zack bowman, Nebraska
    dwight lowery, San Jose State (alma mater of illustrious and renowned James Jones)

    i know this is a lot, and definitely not comprehensive, but this should represent some of the bigger guys who are less likely to be taken really high (like talib, jenkins, cason...)
    also if you feel like comparing other guys who stand out that'd be cool, too.

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    from the limited footage I've seen, I would have to rank Ike highly. that is how he was able to shut down hardy and manningham.

    i have also seen some highlights of darnell terrell that suggest he knows how to use his 6 3 frame.

    i watched iowa a couple times, but godfrey didn't stand out as either super physical or as a softie.

    lowery is the only other one I've seen and he sure looked fluid, and smooth, but more the type who would jump a route and make the pick than the kind who would destroy the receiver at the line. correct me if i'm wrong.