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    Walter, first of all, I just want to say that I've been using your picks since Week 2, and I'm doing very well (at least up until last week<G>). Plus, I really like your writeups, and the whole website in general. But, here's the question:

    I'm in an NFL ATS pool, where we have to pick every game, every week. For each correct pick, we get one point. Highest point total at the end of the year wins. There are no weekly winners. And there is no "weighting" factor. Aside from the spreads, each game is equally weighted against all the others. So my question is this: Since you assign different units to each game, does that change the way you make your selections? For instance, if you're very confident on a couple of your four-unit games (which, by all rights, you should be), do you then take more of a chance on your one-unit games? In other words, if you could only bet the same number of units on each game, would that change the way you make your selections? And if so, how?

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    I just try to get every pick right. There's no more of a chance on any of the picks. I'm just more confident in my higher-unit selections.
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      Well Walter let me know which week you plan on getting everyone right and I will put all my money on a huge parlay
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