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What do you guys think of the Giants chances this year?

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  • What do you guys think of the Giants chances this year?

    I'm quite worried about this year. We got torched by two average backs in Deshaun Foster and Nick Goings who are not starting calibre IMO. Sure it was only the first pre-season game and we maybe weren't at our freshest, but the Panthers were playing their first game as well so no excuses can really be made.

    Yeah if Fred Robbins was playing they wouldn't have ran AS wild, but one man can only do so much.

    Also Kiwi looked pretty bad at LB, and what was even more frustrating was Jon Beason who missed four days of camp ended up leading the Panthers D statwise. I hope the FO really regret passing on Beason/Posluszny.

    With a crap defense as well the onus will be on Eli Manning to chase games for us, which I simply do not trust him to do. I fully expect us to spend a 3rd or 4th rounder on a QB or someone like Kyle Boller signed (free agent at the end of this year) as a backup to push Eli.

    On the positive side of things our own running game looked decent, but I don't hold much hope for the season.

    A couple of good things though in the end, I do believe Darren McFadden being a Giant come draft day '08 is an extreme possibility, and a proven top coach like Cowher or Parcells leading us into '08.

    Thoughts on the Giants for the season ahead?

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    I don't like the Giants' chances. I feel that Eli Manning will struggle without Tiki Barber in the backfield. Plus, Amani Toomer's getting older, so if Steve Smith or Sinorice Moss don't emerge, Manning's only targets will be Plaxico and Shockey.

    The defense looked terrible. Carolina couldn't run the ball against anyone last year, yet they managed to do so against the Giants.

    McFadden is definitely a possibility.
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      I don't like the Giants' chances either. With both Dallas and Philadelphia in their division and both likely making the playoffs, that leaves only one wildcard left in the NFC. This will likely go to either New Orleans or Carolina, whichever doesn't take the division.

      Aside from Dallas and Philly twice, they have to play Chicago, New England, San Fran, and the NY Jets. I don't see the Giants hitting .500


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        The Giants are not going to look good this year, and they need some changes all around.However, i do think Brandon jacobs is going to have solid year. Get rid of Coughlin already. He looks like a long distant cosuin of the chicken man, Bill Purdue!!
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