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Mercury Morris is a tool

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  • Mercury Morris is a tool

    Watching MNC, I hope the pats go 19-0 just to shove that man's rushing stats where they belong, up his ass.

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    Haha, what did he say exactly?
    Lakers | Dolphins | Canes | Dodgers


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      Did he make a comment about them? I'm not around a TV right now.


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        I'll rewind for you.

        He gets out some old beat up 70s record book and quotes the following stats on why the Dolphins are 1000% the Pats (even if they go 19-0).

        Team records broken (all time)
        - most games won in a season
        - most consecutive games won season
        - most first downs rushing season
        - most yards rushing in a season

        He draws the conclusion that even with the Pats passing, "we're still ahead of them."

        Boomer asks would you mind being joined.
        "A husband always needs a wife."

        then Griese says he wouldn't mind being joined on the mountaintop.

        "Not on Mount Everest, where we are."

        So, yeah what a tool. For a start, the whole thing about climbing the mountaintop is that you can't stay there. Especially Everest, you get up there, catch your breath (an impossible task) take a photo and go back down. The fact that Morris still has to try and maintain he's still on the mountaintop tells me he's not very secure about his achievement.

        All his crappy statistics aside, using his metaphor, I'm going to say that yeah Hillary climbed it first, but if the Pats do it, with modern football salary limitations and a 16 game season, it'd be like doing it without oxygen.

        Morris you are a loser.


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          Well I agree with you about Morris, but I think people are giving the Pats this 19-0 thing a little to fast.

          Morris didn't even start the whole season or carry the whole rushing load for the Dolphins that season... why is he talking?


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            Boomer had him and Bob Griese on for a chat. Griese I understand.

            I definitely agree about people getting on this too fast. If they beat the Steelers next week I'll be much more of a believer.


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              Damn, Griese's got big hands. Maybe even bigger than Carson Palmer.