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  • Found a great sports betting blog

    I am a huge fan of the Poker King blog and I have expectations from this blog as well. Really entertaining to read even though I feel betting futures (such as 2008 WS champ, Super Bowl champ, etc.) is a sucker bet because the odds are always garbage.

    But if I were to bet on these things you have to take the longshots and right now I feel the Jags at 60-1 is worth $10 of my money and I am betting the Bucs (75-1) as well ($7).

    I really like great defenses in the playoffs and I don't bet faves in these situations...I also really feel the Bucs will be in the NFC Championship game and they can give Romo trouble so who knows.

    Personally I would love to have a graphically pleasing College Football/NFL Draft blog like this as well one day. Too bad I know nothing about making websites and such.
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    It isn't even worth betting the favorite. The odds on NE right now are like 3/4.