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  • Fantasy : Starting RB's

    Alright i am torn on this one guys. Gimme some help...

    Got to start 2 running backs, i got

    Steven Jackson Vs Cincinnatti
    Frank Gore Vs Minnesota
    Ryan Grant Vs Oakland
    Jammal Lewis Vs New York Jets

    One the line - If i win i take the #1 seed in the league to start the playoffs next week. If i lose I And the #5 team in the league wins i get bumped from the playoffs...

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    I say Steven Jackson and Ryan Grant.

    The Vikings have the top run D in the league.

    The Jets' defense isn't great, but they've been playing better lately... Jamal Lewis isn't a bad start but I like Jackson and Grant better.
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      Yea Gore is pretty much an after thought at least this week and proably for the playoffs as well Grant and Lewis have both been consistently strong...

      I am really just stuck debating between which one to start opposite Jackson since Oakland is the #30 run defense and the Jets are #29...


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        I'd personally start Lewis and Grant.
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          Jackson and Grant. But Lewis wouldn't be the worst play. Gore would be.
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            Jackson and Grant.

            Jackson plays against the Bengals... enough said.

            Oakland has great CBs so look for Grant to catch some more passes out of the backfield and GB to take advantage of a weak run defense.


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              I guess the one thing that worries me about starting Grant is the injuries to Favre last week.

              Green Bay is more likely to run the ball a little more then usual but i am also thinking Oakland wil lset up to stuff Grant and try to force the play on a battered Favre.


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                Oakland can stop the run anyways so I think you're good... unless of course those meddling kids ruin your plans again.


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                  the last time favre played the raiders injured he threw 3 or 4 touchdown passes and came back to win in the fourth quarter.
                  the first time favre played the raiders injured he threw two touchdowns each to T. Rex and mr. Brachiosaurus.


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                    Translation - Start Favre at RB


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