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Week 2 NFL Live In-Games Thread

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  • Man I love the music they have for the highlights on ESPN.


    • Originally posted by Clutch92 View Post
      Giants let an extremely bad redskins team hang around for the entire game. The redskins put up 9 points against the rams for christ sakes. They need freak circus accidents and 4 turnovers to beat the cowboys by a whopping 2 points.
      Wash offense is garb but the D is solid.

      Philadelphia has the 2nd best defense in the league and the saints dropped 41 offensive points on them.
      Please. They are the second best defense because Jake Delholme sucks ass.

      The saints aren't sitting back and settling when they get ahead. They keep pouring on points after half-time. I don't think there's any doubt that they will probably break the scoring record this year. (i'm calling it right now.)
      Again....when they play someone tough I'll let up. A eagles team without McNabb and an overrated defense is not better then what the Giants did in my opinion.
      Chicago Bears
      Nebraska Cornhuskers

      Wants: O-line, Tall WR, and a 3 tech.


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