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Tim Donaghy Debacle

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  • Tim Donaghy Debacle

    Does anyone here think that this will really mess up the NBA? Let's go a step further, by Tim Donaghy naming other refs who have participated in gambling type activities does it hurt anyone? Or will this all blow over in a couple of years?

    ....does anyone even watch the NBA anymore?

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    I was listening to Mike Matusow's radio show aka The Mouthpiece, and he thinks all of sports esp. football is littered with paid off refs.

    Look at the Juventus conspiracy. I am going to watch games from now on and really try to see differences between missed calls and intentionally bad calls. They have to be out there
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    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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      I've been saying it for years, including on this message board. Games in all sports are rigged. I think college football is the worst in that regard.
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