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Lions add Buster Davis to active Roster

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  • Lions add Buster Davis to active Roster

    Buster Davis moves onto the Lions active Roster, room was made by placing star WR Roy Williams on Injured Reserve.

    Buster Davis will likely fill in on Special teams and sit #3 on the depth charts at all three Linbacker positions. Davis will get a chance to prove himself after beingdrafted in the third round by the Arizona Cardinals, but was cut from the team before the season began.

    The only official word on Davis being cut in Arizona was "He didn't live up to the expectation they had set for him". Arizona offered Davis a spot on their practice squad, but he rejected it, and in turn signed o to the Lions practice squad after he cleard waivers.

    Rumors swirled about many possible scenarios. Some inidcated a poor attitude by Davis, others pointed to his size, some indicated that it was for a simple reason such as Arizona wanting to move him out of the middle to the OLB position. Others pointed to immaturity, singling out the fact that Davis seemed uncomfortable in Arizona where he was not familiar with anyone on the team.

    The last may hold water, as afterwards Davis signed on to the struggling Lions and their practice squad, where he would at least have the company of standout Linebacker, and former Florida State teammate Ernie Sims.

    This gives Davis 2 games to fight for a roster spot next season as the lions are expected to clean hous on a bleow average Linebacking corps. this season...

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    I'll be the first to tell you I hate the Noles but I loved watching buster play in college. I was surprised to see him get cut because sometimes he would be the only player on the noles defense who gave a crap and tried, when they were losing.


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      I wanted the Bills to put him on the PS or on the roster. Well really needed it when Poz, Digi and Ellison was hurt.


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        He must of had some other issues going on there personally. Detroit desperately needed a good tackler on special teams, as one would assume that Buster would be that type of player. But, he remained on the PS until now.
        I agree that Ernie Sims' presence on the team probably had an effect on his choice of teams.


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          well maybe his addition to the team will help contain ryan grant to under 600 yards the last week of the season. maybe.


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            If he can't make the Cardinals roster Craig then he sucks.
            2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

            Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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              Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
              If he can't make the Cardinals roster Craig then he sucks.
              Well then he'll fit right in with Detroit's D.


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                Anybody who was hoping to see or hear about Buster Davis will have to wait. He is inactive today.