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  • Cycle of a Bills fan

    saw this on a Bills site

    End season with some hope...Start getting excited "what if"

    Acquire a free agent or two...Generate more excitement "just maybe"

    Draft time - a little headscratching...but more excitement "I get it...this is a genius move"

    Mini-Camp - Wow - that "reach" in the draft is turning heads..."Genius...sheer genius, now we can replace the soon to depart (insert starting player's name in last year of contract here) with this guy..."

    Training Camp - (Insert listless and out-of-shape lineman's name here) looks quick as a cat. Schobel looks awesome. (Insert QB name) is throwing an amazing tight spiral. (Insert mediocre free agent here) looks like the steal of free agency ..."We're definitely a dark horse this year"

    Season Opener - We looked good, but lost. What did you expect, we're still putting it together. (Insert coordinator name here) lacks vision - he's the problem..."Everybody calm down - it was only one game"

    Bye Week - We lost those three games by a combined 8 points, if we won them (and we should have), we would be (insert either leading the division, tied with New England or firmly entrenched in the wild card slot).... "Listen all you (insert key player or coach name) haters, get off of the site, we're still in this thing".

    Late November or early December - If we run the table, we hold our own destiny and can make the playoffs... "We match up well, I havn't been this excited for a game in X years"

    After big game - Damn that (insert coordinator or at this point, maybe coach name here) - we need a change and we are a playoff team. The GM still did a great job assembling talent - bad luck with the injury to (insert either hurt hopeful or hurt aged star here)..."Ralph / (insert GM name here) needs to make a run at (insert big name free agent here) and we're definitely playoff bound"