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  • Best (Fake) Football Names

    So if you have ever played Madden you know you can create new players. Well I don't know about you, but I like to not name a player after me because my name doesn't sound like a cool, tough football player name so I would make one up. Honestly I can't remember any of the players I made, but my friends made a player with the best name ever:

    Ty Blades

    Beat that name. Sounds fast and tough and will lay your ass out if you run a crossing pattern over the middle of the field.

    The only other one I remember was we made a QB in Hall of Fame mode modeled after my friend, Drew Garrity. But we didn't like his last name for a QB. So for some reason I came up with:

    Drew Pudding

    Sounds hilarious, but its a sweet football players name Forum Moderator

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    You can also rename any player, even during Franchise modes.

    One that i commonly use for a DB is
    Jerimiah Hawkins


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      In Madden 2000, I used to always get QBs in the fake drafts named Leftwich - Dan Leftwich, William Leftwich, Brian Leftwich. There was a Leftwich every other year.
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        Not quite Madden, but I was playing a fair bit of NCAA 08 earlier this year and had a sweet franchise going. My best QB was out of California called Jack Daniels. He was a huge black duel-threat guy (speed about 85). Only problem with him is his fumbling, so you had to run out-of-bounds or dive EVERY scramble.

        Not the best name, but he holds all my Cardinal passing records and a fair deal of rushing records too.