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  • Mangini on the hot seat

    On Monday, Eric Mangini looked up at the crowded room and, in a rare moment of openness, described himself as a "work in progress" and thanked those in attendance for bearing with him during a "bad season."

    No, this wasn't a mea culpa to the team. He was addressing the media, making a self-deprecating reference to his dry news conferences.

    A good coach recognizes his shortcomings. Now the Jets' coach must take the same approach to the more important aspects of his job - like figuring out ways to win football games. In the aftermath of a bitterly disappointing 4-12 season, Mangini acknowledged that he must be a better coach in 2008.

    "There were a lot of close games ...that could've turned on a handful of plays, but that's my responsibility to find a way that we can turn those handful of plays into our favor," he said. "And that's what I need to do a much better job of, figuring out a way to take those five or 10 plays ...and make sure that we're coming out on top.

    "You never want to be in a situation like this," Mangini continued. "The key thing is, what can you learn, what can you take away and how can you make sure it doesn't happen again? Ultimately, it's my responsibility to figure out a way to improve the team."

    Mangini, hailed by some as a "Mangenius" after last season's unexpected playoff appearance, faces a critical season in 2008. With two years remaining on his original four-year contract, he can't afford another disaster. Starting Wednesday, he and GM Mike Tannenbaum will work tirelessly to fix the Jets.

    Aside from resolving the major personnel issues, namely the quarterback quandary, Mangini must take a hard look at some of his coaching practices. After two seasons, some alarming trends have developed.

    For the second straight year, the Jets started slowly and didn't achieve consistency until after the bye week, when the coaching staff had a chance to make adjustments. Mangini's record after the bye is 9-6 and 5-12 before it, raising questions about whether the team is properly prepared coming out of training camp.

    Once again, the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality was especially noticeable on defense. Some players suggested the game plans were too conservative early in the season, that things didn't start to click until the coaches trusted them and took an aggressive mentality.

    Despite a slight improvement - the Jets finished 18th in total defense, up two spots from 2006 - Mangini may opt for a fresh approach. Coordinator Bob Sutton is thought to be in trouble.

    Another explanation for slow starts could be the demanding training camp. Players hinted that Mangini's camp was too taxing, that it drained the team. He didn't let up during the season, and that, too, is a philosophy that should be scrutinized.

    For the second straight year, the Jets struggled to run the ball (19th) and stop the run (29th). Is it lack of talent or scheme? Defensively, Mangini seems married to the 3-4 even though he doesn't have a pure nose tackle. One of the criticisms on offense is that the coaching staff does too much, incorporating power and finesse schemes into game plans, instead of trying to master one.

    Once again, the Jets struggled in the fourth quarter. They were outscored, 124-73, a big reason why they went 3-7 in games decided by seven points or less. A common denominator? Blame the offense. In six of the seven losses, the Jets topped the 20-point mark only once.

    Dropped passes by Justin McCareins and Jerricho Cotchery loomed large in losses to the Ravens, Redskins, Browns and Patriots (a 10-point loss). Late interceptions by Chad Pennington were crippling in losses to the Bills, Bengals and Giants (11 points). The line struggled almost every week.

    In a season of 2,027 offensive and defensive plays, the Jets were undermined by a "handful" that went the wrong way, according to Mangini. Some might call it a loser's lament; to Mangini, it's his challenge.

    This is retarded! 1 bad year and he's on the hotseat!
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    I 100% agree with you Clemens. Mangini just had so much talent to work with...this is amazing.

    People just don't understand that you aren't going to have a good year every year in this league. You just aren't going to to win 8+ games every season. The Jets were in a LOT of games this season and they were very close to the in...a few plays go their way and they could have knocked off New England.
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    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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      This is exactly why the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since Namath
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        Look at it this way...they are the NEW YORK Jets. That city has lots of media coverage and scruntize every move the teams that play there make. Look there are:

        Yankees - WAY more media attention then Mets
        Rangers (even though hockey sucks I'll include them)

        The media loves controversy add that to the fact that NYC has one of the biggest media base in the country and bam! you get stories like this that are blown up greater than they should be.

        As for Mangini..I like him. He is better than Herm Edwards which doesn't really say a lot. I agree that Sutton should be fired, he sucks. The only reason the Jets D got better at the end of the year was because Mangini stepped in more during practices and made more decisions for them. Sutton = fired. Schottenheimer is on the hot seat to me. Lots of Jets fans want him to be fired because he couldn't find ways to score. Well his play calling at times is questionable. But I also feel a new young QB and TERRIBLE O-Line is mostly responsible for not being able to score points.

        The Jets really did most of their scoring and moving the ball downfield on (as Matt likes to call it) Gimmick offensive plays. Seriously it looked like they stole a college teams play book and ran plays (like the option) from it. I blame mostly the O Line again for not being KC lot of time to throw conventional NFL type pass plays. O well. Schottenheimer did the most he could in my mind. I just hated by he did run, run, pass, punt play series for more than 3 times a game (the D knows its coming, adjust better). I hope he doesn't get fired, but we will see.

        Mangini, unless the team has an over .500 record, will always be on the hotseat because he plays in the NYC territory.

        He still has mostly Herm's team and with another offseason can make it more of his team. So far with the additions of Revis, and Harris I like the start. Just hope they bring in some $$ FA like Faneca because they are way under cap esp if they trade Pennington, Vilma, Robertson (hint hint forum GMs) Forum Moderator

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          I agree Siena.

          Look, the Browns didn't become a winner overnight. They were patient with Cremmel...and I said before the season even if the Browns were losers again this year they should still keep Cremmel.
          2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

          Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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            He just took a 6-10 worthy team to the playoffs last year. He's obviously a capable coach. How in the world he's on the hot seat is beyond me.

            Crennel had to build the team from the bottom up as far as confidence goes. If that team was serious about winning they needed to stick with a coach so the players had some consistency.