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    Originally posted by starqb14 View Post
    aaron rodgers improved his arm strength a ton this past offseason.

    not saying that daniels is going to be good, but crimeny i give guys a shot when they're only 21 years old.

    another jab into your proverbial ribs is that I think Tebow will be a good QB. because his focus is on improving as a qb. he may never be superstar, but he doesn't want to be a fullback, he wants to read defenses and be accurate and all that, but he is willing to do what it takes to win, and right now that is run like a fullback. and again, he also is young.
    Did you watch Tebow yesterday in the 4th quarter?

    You put him in a position where he must throw the ball and you take away the spread option and he was hardly impressive...looked very below average just like I predicted.

    Both QBs have time to improve but lets just be honest here. Daniels isn't going to get any taller and Tebow is going to be operating the same read option which will stunt his growth as an NFL QB learning a West Coast offense.
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      One player that has failed to impress me during the bowl games is Sam Baker (USC OT). It seemed to me that every time Illinois got to Booty they did by running past Baker.
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