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Underdog record in National Title Game

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  • Underdog record in National Title Game

    1st year of the BCS, Tenn beat FSU in an upset (Underdog record 1-0)
    2nd year, FSU stomped Va Tech (1-1)
    3rd Miami stomped Nebraska (1-2)
    4th year OSU pulled one of the biggest upsets I think the line was around 11 (2-2)
    5th year, USC stomped OU (2-3)
    6th year Texas upset USC (3-3)
    7th year, Florida upset Ohio State (4-3)

    Underdogs have an overall record of 4-3 which is pretty good. Ohio State was a double digit dog in 02, Texas was a 6.5 point dog in 05 and Florida a touchdown dog last season. I know it's not much to go on, but underdogs have held their own in the national title game. This is a trend I like seeing.
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    7th year is florida, not Florida State.

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      Honest mistake, from someone who lives in Ohio, I know it was Florida.


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        I really like Ohio State +3.5...4 unit pick I need to make back some units I lost in NFL this weekend.
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        Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.


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          I was hoping the +150 money line would be more.


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            I made a killing in the NFL with Seattle and San Diego
            Im not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan....No, I'm a LeBron James fan.