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Week 18 Wrap-Up

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  • Week 18 Wrap-Up

    A lot of people on suicide watch
    2016 NFL Mock Draft

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    Not me! I'm very happy.
    Im not a Cleveland Cavaliers fan....No, I'm a LeBron James fan.


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      By doing that with more than 10 minutes remaining in regulation, you're telling your team that you're playing for a tie - or your math skills rival Emmitt Smith's grammar.
      Hahaha AGREED!
      Speaking of poor calls, what in the world were the Steelers thinking on the 3rd-and-6 when they were trying to protect a one-point lead with three minutes left?
      Why? Because Bruce Arians is the worst OC in the NFL. His play calling is incredibly predictable. That drive I was saying "Throw the ball, play to win." But of course we didn't. We punted the ball to the 50 and prayed that their offense couldn't pick up 20 yards in 2:30. What a joke.


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        RIP Walter, 2 suicides in 2 weeks.