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    First Mock of 2008 its a 1 Rounder .
    * indicates JR.

    1.Miami Dolphins- Chris Long DE Virginia

    While Glenn Dorsey is the best player paying a DT around 30 Million Garunteed isn't ideal. Chris Long is an excellent fit for the 3-4 and should be a cornerstone of the Dolphins defense for years to come.

    2.St.Louis Rams- Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State*

    Jake Long is tempting here but in the end I think the rams contiue to address the Defense here and add a Ferocious Pass Rusher next to Carriker.

    3.Oakland Raiders- Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

    McFadden is just the kind of guy that Al Davis likes. But with the recent Retirement of Warren Sapp there is a HUGE gap in the middle of their D-Line so they opt to fill it with the best prospect in the draft.

    4.Kansas City Chiefs- Jake Long OT Michigan

    No Brainer. Kansas City's Offensive line is in despearate need of help. Carl Peterson and Herm Edwards are estatic that long falls to them.

    5.Atlanta Falcons- Darren McFadden RB Arkansas*

    Warrick Dunn is getting old and Jerious Norwood Isn't a franchise RB. They need a QB but none of the QB's are too good to pass up. But Darren McFadden is so the Falcons opt to take the Best Offensive prospect in the draft.

    6.New York Jets- Matt Ryan QB Boston College

    The Jets were hoping Long, Gholston, or McFadden would fall to them. But since that doesn't happen they Take the best QB Prospect. Kellen Clemens is still young and has potential. However Clemens hasn't shown enough to stop them from drafting a top QB.

    7.New England Patriots(from San Francisco)- James Laurinitas ILB Ohio State*

    Its highway Robbery that the Patriots get this high of a pick. The Rich get Richer and the Patriots get their hands on the best ILB Prospect in the draft.

    8.Baltimore Ravens- Andre Woodson QB Kentucky

    In my Opinion Andre Woodson isn't worth this pick but the guy has the highest ceiling of the 3 top QB's which will get him drafted sooner than he should.

    9.Cincinnati Bengals- Sedrick Ellis DT USC

    The Bengals need a lot of help on defense they start by addressing the interior of their D-line.

    10.New Orleans Saints- Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State*

    Jason David... Enough Said.

    11.Denver Broncos- Kenny Phillips S Miami(fl)*

    With Matt Lepsis Retiring OT would be ideal here but this is very deep OT. On the other hand there isn't a whole lot of good safety prospects the Broncos get the best one of them here.

    12.Buffalo Bills- Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma*

    It could be argued that Desean Jackson is the better player of the two. The Bills want to give Trent Edwards a bigger target, a go to guy in the red zone. Malcom Kelly will compliment Lee Evans nicely.

    13.Carolina Panthers- Ryan Clady OT Boise State*

    John Fox is on the Hot Seat next year so he needs a player that can make an immediate impact. Which Pretty much throws out taking a QB out the window. S, DE, and DT are all options here but none are really worth #13. So they decide to Upgrade at LT.

    14.Chicago Bears- Brian Brohm QB Louisville

    The Bears would have loved to snag Clady here. But since he's gone they opt to take a QB. Brian Brohm may not be the most heralded of the top 3 QB's. But he is probably the most NFL ready and has the highest floor of the Three.

    15.Detroit Lions- Calais Cambell DE Miami(fl)*

    The Lions have a lot of holes all over the team mostly on defense. The Tampa Two reqiures a consistent pass rush to be succesful so they take a Stud DE here.

    16.Arizona Cardinals-Derrick Harvey DE/OLB Florida*

    Harvey will help to continue to improve a rising Cardinals Defensive Group. He is the Perfect fit for the Cardinals as a 3-4 OLB.

    17.Minnesota Vikings- Reggie Smith DB Oklahoma*

    Tough Choice here for the Vikings RT is a big need but so is FS. Taking a RT is very tempting here but it's a deep OT class so they decide to add a playmaker to the secondary.

    18.Houston Texans- Sam Baker OT USC

    RB is a need for the Texans but Gary Kubiak is from the Shanahan tree so he will wait to take a RB instead he opts to take a LT that will be a good fit the ZBS.

    19.Philadelphia Eagles- Keith Rivers OLB USC

    Takeo Spikes is getting old and hasn't exactly been the healthiest player over the past few years. The Eagles would have liked to land Reggie Smith but since he is gone they opt to take Spikes Replacement and they get a steal.

    20.Tampa Bay Bucaneers- Desean Jackson WR Calafornia*

    The Bucaneers add another dynamic weapon for Jeff Garcia to work with.

    21.Washington Redskins- Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh

    Jon Jansen is getting old, coming off an injury, and he could end up becoming a Cap Casualty. Stephen Heyer did well at times but not good enough to warrant him being considered the long term solution. The Redskins decide to take Jansen's replacement here.

    22.Seattle Seahawks-Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois*

    Mike Holmgren took Shaun Alexander while he still had Ricky Waters. I think they do the same sort of thing here and take Shaun Alexander's replacement. I have them taking Rashard Mendenhall but if Jonathan Stewart declares I think he will be the pick.

    23.Dallas Cowboys(from Cleveland)-Jack Ikegwuonu CB Wisconsin*

    Terrence Newman is a very good corner but the Cowboys could use and upgrade opposite of him. Ikegwuonu is an excellent prospect that should be a good fit for the Cowboys.

    24.Pittsburgh Steelers- Aquib Talib Cb Kansas*

    Could use an upgrade at CB next to Ike Taylor.

    25.Tennessee Titans-Limas Sweed WR Texas

    Desperatly need to add a playmaker at WR to help Vince Young progress. They chose to re-unite Vince with Limas Sweed.

    26.New York Giants- Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

    Aaron Ross looks to be a stud but they could still use another CB.

    27.San Diego Chargers- Erin Henderson ILB Maryland*

    The Chargers add a another talented Maryland defensive player to their LB corp.

    28.Jacksonville Jaguars-Phillip Merling DE Clemson*

    Paul Spicer is going to be 33 next season and while they have a few decent DE's they don't have a dominant pass rush guy to get the consistent pressure on Opposing QB's Merling will hopefully solve that problem for the Jags.

    29.Green Bay Packers- Leodis McKelvin CB Troy

    Charles Woodson & Al Harris are getting up there in age so the packers look to find a eventual replacement with their first pick. Leodis McKelvin is good in man coverage so he is a should be a good fit for the pack.

    30.San Francisco 49er's(from Inianapolis)- Kentwan Balmer DT/DE North Carolina

    With Bryant Young set to retire it leaves a whole at DE. Kentwan Balmer is rising up draft boards. The 49er's select him to make the move to 3-4 DE and replace Bryant Young.

    31.Dallas Cowboys- Felix Jones RB Arkansas*

    Jerry Jones was drooling over the thought of Darren McFadden but he is out of reach so Jerry instead grabs the other Arkansas RB who should be an excellent compliment to Marion Barber III.

    32.New England Patriots-Forfieted

    If your gonna cheat, don't get caught.

    Comments/Criticism appreciated.

  • #2
    great Falcons pick.

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    • #3
      Sorry I hate the Jets pick. I said it once and i'll say it again if they draft a QB when they have too many other needs, and really QB isn't much of a need this year. Maybe next year if Clemens continues to struggle. I will shoot myself. If the draft goes exactly the same as your top 5 picks then I want the Jets to get James Laurinitas if Vilma is gone or Ryan Clady to improve the O-Line. Forum Moderator

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      • #4
        Bills have the 11 DEN has 12.

        Good pick


        • #5
          As a Saints fan I would rather another pick at number 10. If were going corner then let it be Cason or Talib. I think that Phillips is too much to pass up there and also Keith Rivers is something to think about because he will be long gone in the second.


          • #6
            Good Bengals pick. I like the mock until #19 where I think you have alot of players going to high.
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            • #7
              Umm Im not sure what to think about this. When Vernon Gholston is #2 something must be f*cked.
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              • #8
                I would be shocked if Miami passed on a talent like Dorsey. Long is GREAT but Dorsey is the block Miami should build their D around. I like Gholston to the Rams as long as they have their LT situation resolved. I like how you brought Reggie Smith into Rd 1. I think hes a HUGE sleeper. I dunno about Ryan to the Jets. They need RB and D too badly for a QB. Esp since Klem. has not been on the field enough to grade. Eagles dont pick LB's in round one. The LB play is going fine in Philly. Yeah Spikes is old, but Gaither, Gocong, and Bradley can get it done. I like Desean to TB. Mendenhal would be incredible for Seattle, but he might jump up. Nice mock.


                • #9
                  I don't think the Jets would draft a QB. Kellen Clemens looked pretty good.
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                  • #10
                    Decent Draft

                    I like your draft for the most part. I disagree with Walter's claim that Clemens looked good though... He didn't. I don't see how Atlanta passes on Ryan though, even if McFadden is a superior talent. They really don't have a passer on the team (this is coming from a Harrington fan) and they definitely need a leader in a locker room filled with loud mouths, and with so much turnover at the coaching spot. If the Chiefs get Long then they will be thrilled, but I think he goes to the Rams.


                    • #11
                      Interesting. It's outside the box for sure. I like a lot of picks. I still say 8 is high for Woodson, but we'll see. I don't think the Steelers go CB. If they were going to upgrade CB they would have done it last year and taken Leon Hall. The Texans getting an offensive lineman is a good possibility.


                      • #12
                        Good point Coach, Woodsen won't go that high.


                        • #13
                          Clady is all fat and bone he's gonna get abused as a run blocker. I could see him falling.
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                          • #14
                            No way the Rams pass up Glenn Dorsey for Vernon Gholston.

                            Don't think Detroit takes a DE, especially one like Campbell who physically is a lot like Alama-Francis.
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                            • #15
                              I like phily's pick, i also like what you wrote about reggie smith, well done.
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