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  • Garrett Wolfe

    Anyone think he'll be a stud in the NFL? or is he a college stud and pro dud?
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    A good college back but a avg. NFL guy. I had him as a 5th-7th round pick but the Bears like him a lot it seems.


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      Wolfe is easily the fastest RB on the Bears roster. He's elusive and can bounce it to the outside, and seems to be very good at catching out of the backfield.

      I expect him to replace Adrian Peterson (who has looked slow and lethargic) as the #2 back fairly quickly.


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        Maybe he can be a Kevin Faulk type of player, a valuable third-down back or something.
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          adrian peterson is very good. Last year he was by-far the best 3rd string RB. Think He'll hold off Wolfe but I hope not I wouldn't mind seeing that little guy out there.... Man Is he FAST!
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