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Lou Holtz makes (his first) great point

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  • Lou Holtz makes (his first) great point

    Talking about how Llyod Carr is on the hot seat on ESPN. He will have problems with alumni, administration, and fans calling for his beheading.

    Beat OSU once in past 6 years.
    Hasn't won a bowl game in past 6 years.
    First team in AP poll to lose to a lower division team.

    Holtz makes a great point that Carr's biggest problems are with this football team. He makes a few great points (some obvious, but still):

    1. Locker room will be grumpy and negative
    2. Players pointing fingers and placing blame on the loss of this season's title hopes
    3. Second stringers complaining that they should be starting (and why shouldn't they?).

    While I think with the leadership on Michigan's team (wait you say, what leadership? Didn't they just lose to App. St.?) can bounce back with a great week of practices, this will be in the back of this team's mind.

    It can become a postive thing. This team can come back and be dominant if they want to, they certainly have the talent to do so, but the question will be if Carr can keep it together? I don't think so.

    Michigan will have an 8-9 win season, and if they lose their bowl game again, I don't see how they keep Carr. This team needs a change.
    2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats (38-1)

    Congrats to Wisconsin. Even more congrats to UK haters.