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Advice on late-round QBs/RBs for keeper league?

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  • Advice on late-round QBs/RBs for keeper league?

    I have been reading lots of articles/posts on this site and I am really enjoying the content. Wondering if this group would give me thoughts on some late-round picks I am considering for a draft on Tuesday. This is a deep keeper league, so the best options for late-round picks seem to be either late-college or young pro players that have potential to blossom into superstars or at least solid producers. It's best if they can show some spark this season, so I will be able to pick the best among multiple possible keepers at season's end. I probably will have about 4-5 picks to spend on possible keepers. Below are lists of still-available QBs and RBs I am considering, in roughly the order I currently would pick them if they're available. I'd really appreciate any comments/criticism of these lists. With the lists, I tried to balance between potential to help my team this year/next and the potential to be a longer-term project with higher returns. Because of league salary cap issues, it will be hard to keep a "project" player longer than 2 seasons if he does not start to show some return on investment. Just for context, we keep 7, so anyone I get in later rounds will need to be among the best 7 keepers on my roster at season's end to avoid getting cut/traded. I currently have several potential keepers on my roster, but likely will trade some of them away later in the season as other teams start looking for starts/keepers: BQuinn, TJackson, KClemens, JBeck, AWoodson, BJacobs, APeterson, DMcFadden, KWinslow.

    Anyway, based largely on the comments here, I already scooped up Andre Woodson in an earlier round. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    David Carr (could contribute soon)
    Trent Edwards (great potential, could contribute this season)
    Troy Smith (takes over when McNair gone?)
    Ched Henne
    Colt Brennan
    JD Booty
    Matt Ryan
    Hunter Cantwell (a longer term project, but likely #1 QB in 2009?)
    Brad Smith (could contribute at many roster spots)
    Andrew Walter (any remaining future after Oakland?)
    Whitehurst (will he ever get out from behind Rivers?)
    Eric Ainge?
    Cleo Lemon (possible contributor this season if Green fails?)
    Quinn Gray (if/when Garrard falls, he is next in line)
    Josh McCown (could start in Oakland, but no future there)
    Gradkowski? (backup for Garcia?)
    JT OSullivan? (bottom of the barrel?)

    Michael Bush (good position for next season?)
    Kenny Irons (good position for next season? will Rudi ever stop?)
    Steve Slaton (#2 or 3 RB in draft? too small for NFL?)
    Felix Jones (surprise 2008 draftee, or project of 2009? has good size)
    Ray Rice (#2 or 3 RB in draft? too small for NFL?)
    Mike Hart (#2 or 3 RB in draft? too small for NFL?)
    Chris Wells (great prospect for 2009?)
    Tony Hunt (will he ever get out from Westbrook's shadow?)
    Garrett Wolfe (size concerns? scatback forever?)
    Brian Leonard (stuck behind S-Jax and competing with Pittman now)
    Leon Washington (likely contributor in 2007 but any long-term upside?)
    Chris Henry (TN) (not sure how to value him)
    A Peterson (CHI) (likely contributor in 2007 but little upside?)
    Selvin Young? (the next Mike Bell? good trade value if he is)
    Lorenzo Booker (great name, but how much long-term prospect in Miami?)
    Kolby Smith (backup forever?)
    Ahmad Bradshaw (heard good things about him, but Jacobs blocks out the sun in NY)
    Antonio Pittman (Saints unimpressed)
    Dwayne Wright (BUF) (bad situation)
    Brian Calhoun (injury caused him to be forgotten, but doesn't he have good skills?)
    Jerome Harrison? (yikes)
    Mike Bell (value could shoot up if traded, or if merry-go-round spins again)
    Anthony Thomas (unimaginative back-up pick)
    Michael Robinson (SF) (could see real time if Gore gets hurt - some potential to be good?)
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    Wow, it's tough to project how these college QBs will do in the NFL if you don't know which team they're going to be on. I don't really like any of the current quarterbacks you listed. Maybe Trent Edwards.

    JD Booty and Matt Ryan could be nice picks, but again, we don't know what kind of system they're going to be in. I guess just take a flier on them, Hunter Cantwell, etc. and see if they pan out.

    Chris Wells would be a great pickup. Felix Jones and Steve Slaton would be nice too.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    Glad you like the site, BTW
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      I think Mike Bell is a good bet only 1 injury away from 1000yr rusher
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