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Throwing up while rooting for giants

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  • Throwing up while rooting for giants

    I can't stand it, but this eagles fan is forced to root for the Giants. I hate the fact if they are successful they will not only accomplish something the eagles couldn't over the last 7 years, but also do so in more memorable fashion then the Eagles even could of, had they won a superbowl. For beating the Patriots would be the most memorable superbowl in the history of superbowls. If the eagles had won they'd be the equivalent of the Bucs, or the Ravens, one year and done, big woop. Beating the Pats in the superbowl is in my head the equivalent of winning two if not three superbowls.

    But I'm forced to root for this to happen because if the Pats win there will be the worst empty pitted feeling as all of us will know that our own beloved team could never have a better season, not even match it, if another team ever goes undefeated i doubt they'll do it playing all the other contenders out their like the Pats have, colts, steelers, cowboys, jags, chargers (2), while posting sick numbers like 50 td passes. So whats left, for our teams, a forgettable superbowl win. Perhaps multiplse superbowls and being another dynasty, but no way as good or dominant as the pats. Throw that into the fact that the next football season is a year away, its february and cold, and now I have to worry about stupid valentine's day and making sure I don't dissapoint my g/f.

    Go giants

    --a sad eagles fan


    I also have another year of rooting for a starting qb is a passive aggressive, pre madonna, (that can't be the right spelling), momma's boy, who plays the victim to Pam Oliver. Amazingly I'd take Eli the Walmart boy, over McNabb, did not see that coming this season.
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    Irish I feel your pain.

    Go Giants

    --a sad Jets fan Forum Moderator

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      As an Eagles fan, you should be rooting for the Pats. Maybe 19-0 will convince Big Red to actually, I don't know, sign some players?
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        "Go America. Go Broncos."

        "Yeah, go Broncos."


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          "sad music plays" Thats like me rooting for the Sox
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