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    Name: Vince Hall
    School: Virginia Tech
    Position: ILB
    Class: 2008
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 240
    40 Time: 4.68
    Character: //
    Intelligence: //
    Competitiveness: +
    Work ethic: +
    Toughness: +
    Leadership: //
    DOB: 12/3/84
    Injury history: Minor

    Vs. Inside Run:
    - Does a good job of aggressively filling holes
    - Sure tackler, makes plays against the inside runs
    - Above average when it comes to hand use to shed blocks
    - Takes on blockers rather than running around them

    Vs. Outside Run:
    - Hall shows decent reaction time against the outside run
    - Lacks the quickness to play sideline-to-sideline
    - Does a good job of warding off blocks

    Blitz/Pass Rush:
    - Gets off blocks well
    - He's considerably more of a power player than a finesse guy
    - Shows good footwork and hand use as a blitzer

    Key & Diagnose:
    - Finds the ball quickly
    - Reads his keys and diagnoses in a hurry
    - Always seems to be in position to make the tackle
    - Football intelligence is very good

    Lateral Pursuit:
    - Always gives good effort in pursuit
    - Has trouble running downs plays from behind
    - Won't often get caught in the trash
    - Takes proper angles, very few false steps

    - Wraps his man up bad brings him down
    - Aggressive tackler who looks to hit
    - Good lower body strength

    Pass Drop:
    - Somewhat stiff in the hips on his drops
    - Has trouble making adjustments on the run in coverage
    - Maintains decent depth on his drops

    Pass Coverage/Hands:
    - Does an adequete job against tight ends in coverage
    - Lacks the quickness to stay with most backs
    - Hasn't shown natural hands in coverage
    - Doesn't have much range in coverage

    Overall: Vince Hall is a thumper, plain and simple. If you're a team looking for a guy to come in and control the opposition's running game, Vince could well be your guy. However, at this point he's only adequate in coverage and he appears to be the type of player who could be a liability against the pass when he gets older and looses some of the quickness that he does have. Hall is an effort player who never gives up on a play. His height is also a concern as he's shorter then ideal. Right now Hall appears to be a mid/late day one pick.

    YouTube Clip:

    Year Tackles TFL Sacks FF Interceptions

    + = Good // = Average - = Poor


    Sorry if it's bad they have a chart and stuff, I just copyed and pasted and maked changes to the outlook.
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