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  • bills_red
    Originally posted by Matt McGuire View Post
    Okay, Choice dominated the ACC last season. The ND game was no fluke.

    He is the top senior RB for the 2008 Draft Class.
    Agree he is good I'm not saying he only plays well against bad D's I'm just said it was ND.

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  • Matt McGuire
    Okay, Choice dominated the ACC last season. The ND game was no fluke.

    He is the top senior RB for the 2008 Draft Class.

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  • Walter
    True, guess we'll find out more about him as the season progresses.

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  • bills_red
    Originally posted by Walter View Post
    Choice looked great against Notre Dame

    From what I saw 10 min or so he did look good. But Notre Dame's D isn't that good.

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  • Walter
    Choice looked great against Notre Dame

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  • bills_red
    started a topic Tashard Choice

    Tashard Choice

    Name: Tashard Choice
    School: Georgia Tech
    Position: RB
    Class: 2008
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 205
    Intelligence: +
    Competitiveness: +
    Character: //
    Toughness: //
    Leadership: //
    Work ethic: +
    DOB: 11/20/84
    Injury history: Average

    Inside Runner:
    - Gets through the hole quickly
    - Shows good vision when picking lanes
    - Possesses above average leg strength
    - Patient, lets things develop in front of him
    - Protects the ball well when he runs inside

    Outside Runner:
    - Choice only has average speed to the outside
    - Shows the ability to cut and bounce outside
    - Only an average threat running the ball outside the tackles

    Elusive Runner:
    - Above average in terms of making defenders miss
    - Possesses good change of direction skills
    - Displays excellent vision as a runner
    - Won't do much in terms of improvisation

    Power Runner:
    - Shows very good balance as a runner
    - Capable of breaking tackles without much problem
    - Does a good job of falling forward after contact
    - Struggles to significantly push the pile once engaged
    - Good body for an power runner

    - Physical and aggressive
    - Doesn't take great angles when blocking
    - Fine knee bend when blocking
    - Good blocking potential, but inconsistent right now

    Hands / Route Running:
    - He's never been a major threat out of the backfield
    - Not much of a fumbler
    - Hasn't shown natural receiving skills

    - Shows no problems taking hits
    - Tough kid
    - Can stay in the game and be a workhorse

    Running Style:
    - Pad level can get a little high
    - Choice has a slashing running style
    - Doesn't have breakaway speed, but it's good enough

    Overall: Choice is one of the more overlooked running backs in the country. He's shown good statistical progression through-out his career and looks to have nice potential at the next level. It's unlikely that he's ever going to be an elite runner at the NFL level, but there's no reason he can't be an above average #1 or very good #2 back in the pros. He appears to be a first day guy right now, with the most likely outcome being somewhere after the middle of the second frame.

    YouTube Clip:

    Year Carries Yards YPC TD Catches Rec. Yards


    + = Good // = Average - = Poor